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Her rise to fame has been a long road that has left her with a medal cabinet bursting at the seams. It may be easy for anyone to rest on their laurels as a fourth dan black belt Judo champion, but not Rousey. In she made her Mixed Martial Arts debut. Despite all of these achievements, Rousey has also found time in her hectic schedule to model regularly and appear in three movies; Expendables 3Entourage and Furious 7. On this form, throwing a wager on Rousey to take down her opponent in the first round would be a smart move. Eight of those 10 victories were by submission.

Sports betting touts effects of master betting games

Sports betting touts

I sent Steam Capper a direct message on Twitter to inquire about purchasing picks. After I asked for past records, he said everything is recapped daily on Twitter but that he could send screenshots from his book for the past five weeks. The figures he showed were impressive no actual bets , but there was no way to prove it was true and accurate.

And if it was accurate, even losing gamblers can have a five-week hot streak. But like Floyd Mayweather on his social media accounts, Oancea has been quick to post winning tickets as evidence of his sports consulting prowess after the outcomes are determined. The losing tickets? Nowhere to be found. Other touts have been flat out caught stealing screenshots and photoshopping winning tickets, as Peabody documented in an April tweet.

David Miller, the tout accused of stealing that screenshot, links to a website site in his Twitter bio. But again, transparency is null. With roughly followers, Miller has an exponentially smaller congregation than Fezzik fezziksports , Dave, and Steam Capper, each of whom have over 50K followers on Twitter alone. In an earlier story, Robert Mann described a common practice at horse tracks:. The tout would then return to the winning customer to receive a fee or percentage of the winning bet in exchange for pointing that bettor toward the winning horse.

The tout could not lose, but every bettor, except one, did just that. Many sports touts use the same tactic to Divide and CONquer: Sending half of their clientele or prospectives one side of a game, and the other side to the other half. Ensuring half of their prospective clients are winners, and now hopefully convinced of their expertise, they cast their line and wait for bites.

Or they simply text with promises of easy riches and inside information. The tout may have a customer hooked for numerous packages. With sports betting becoming more mainstream, there are more gullible bettors dreaming of funding luxurious lifestyles while watching — just like they see on Twitter and Instagram. There also more Millers aspiring to be as successful at marketing as Oancea. Unlike mutual funds, which are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, there is no regulatory body that holds touts accountable.

Touts can reference their performances without disclosing their 1, 5 and 10 year performances, as Wagerminds pointed out. The issue has become of so much concern that legislation was introduced in in Nevada to bolster accountability beyond message boards and Twitter watchdogs. The well-meaning proposal was met with opposition from Sandra Douglass Morgan, Chairwoman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, who argued that existing laws could handle the consumer protection concerns and that registering tout services could lead to unintended consequences.

Just how are you going to determine on a level playing field the win rates for all who are registered? Is the next step to begin regulating individuals who write books providing advice on blackjack and poker? The foresight from the Chairwoman was sharp, especially given the language of the bill.

Perhaps you caught wind of a recent snafu, described in a story by Robert Silverman for The Daily Beast. Is this touting? Watered-down touting? Finished up the best betting week of my life. Get picks from all our experts texted to your phone. But, he was hired for his brand and social reach, which includes tweets indicating a winning record.

The shows prominently feature sports experts giving out betting advice. Lock It in and Daily Wager are just the beginning as sports media transition and adapt to the era of legalized sports betting. This type of deep and natural integration is different than live streaming and has numerous advantages over just porting a feed into a betting app. Now a moment for some self-awareness: people may put me on such a touting spectrum. For the most part, I focus on writing news articles and features covering the sports betting industry for sites within the RotoGrinders Network, including this one.

I include where I lean on betting certain golfers. So, some may find some of this hypocritical, but again, those articles are free. It could plausibly create more problems than it solves. What would that language look like and would it provide a net benefit in regulating the tout industry? Even that runs a risk of complicating things for sites that hide their content behind paywalls.

The Athletic is a subscription-based sports website. And take The Ringer, a non-subscription site for which sport betting is on the periphery of its focuses that has columnists and podcast personalities publishing picks in articles and on podcasts. Would advertising dollars constitute some form of compensation; will any pecuniary benefit do the trick? From my point of view, those in the latter camp are not touts. There will be people who read this article and argue otherwise. We can argue semantics, and both sides would have a reasonable case, but semantics it would be.

An objective test, one that defines a tout as person who sells access to picks in exchange of a fee or renumeration, could easily be circumvented. A tout whose website and business is centered around selling picks to buyers would add the minimal amount of sports news to their sites to dodge existential threats of regulation.

While Nevada is the gold standard of gaming regulation, many states and lawmakers have shown a complete lack of understanding when it comes to sports betting. New Jersey regulators may have such aspirations. One of the entrepreneurs looking to capitalize in the new legal space while bringing accountability and transparency to the tout industry is Brett Richey, CEO and founder of BlitzPredict , a betting exchange built aro und the blockchain technology known as Ethereum. However, many handicappers just concentrate on the here and now.

If the picks lose and someone stops buying them, there will always be someone new willing to sign up and take their place. As the famous showman, businessman and godfather of the circus P. Barnum once said: "There is a sucker born every minute. Handicappers who use over-the-top tactics to get people to buy their picks are popularly referred to as "touts" or "scamdicappers," which is a four-letter word and just about the worst thing you can be called in the gambling industry.

However, they won't call themselves this. Instead, they will label themselves as "advisors," "experts" or "pro-cappers. They promise the word and always oversell and under deliver. Also keep in mind that true professional bettors and wiseguys aren't in the business of selling picks. They don't want to or need to. True pros are in the business of earning money from the sportsbooks, not their fellow bettors. Touts will go to absurd lengths to get people to buy their picks.

They often appear as used-card salesmen, using faking names, fancy cars, throwing around wads of money and showing off scantily clad women to get new bettors' attention. Almost all touts lie about their won-loss records.

They pretend to be industry experts, promising and promoting unrealistic win percentages with any documentation of past performance. They hope you take them at face value and accept their wild and outrageous claims as truth. Right off the bat, if a tout doesn't show a complete and honest record of all of their picks, be suspicious.

And even if they do, who's to say the record is real and hasn't been doctored? As the saying goes, don't believe anything you see on the internet. Another red flag is hearing touts call their picks "guaranteed winners" or "locks," which don't exist. After all, there are no guarantees in betting. You might also hear terms like "five-star lock," "play of the month," "play of the year," "50 unit bomb" or "whale play" in an attempt to sucker in new sign ups and clicks.

They will list an number and say "call now! To illustrate just how sneaky and deceitful touts can be, consider this. Touts will have a list of members who have signed up and purchased their picks, typically via email or phone number.

One of the most notorious games touts play is sending out one side of a bet to half of their member list and the other side of the game to the other half of their member list. This is called "double-siding" and is considered the other trick in the tout playbook. The tout has members paying for his picks. He sends the Red Sox as a pick to the first 50 members in his list and then sends the Yankees as a pick to the second 50 members.

No matter what happens, half of the member base is guaranteed to win, which means at least half of them will stick around and continue to buy picks. In a Sports Illustrated expose on sports betting touts, Rick Reilly summed them up like this: "In a world of cheats, cons, grifters, swindlers, carnival barkers, and people you would not want to change your fifty, the brotherhood of so-called sports advisers is a gutter unto itself. But what if you locate that diamond in a rough handicapper who documents all of their plays truthfully, is honest with their records, doesn't oversell their performance and turns a consistent profit?

That means you should buy their picks, right? Not exactly. Even if the handicapper is legitimate, the deck is already stacked against you as a picks purchaser. Even if the handicapper has a profitable season, you may not even be able to offset the initial cost of the subscription. If the handicapper has a mediocre, average or below average season, you are down even further. Another negative about about buying picks is the fact that unless you bet the game immediately once you receive the pick, the line could move and you could miss the number.

For example, let's say a pick is released at 7 p. Unfortunately you are busy and can't bet the game until p. By now, the line has moved to Broncos -3 and the value is gone. If the Broncos win by 3, you push your -3 bet even though the picks service counts that as a win at Even if you find a legitimate, successful handicapper, you need to be tied to your phone and email at all times awaiting picks.


That being said, many skilled handicappers exist online and amidst the public. The best handicappers have a proven record. Many of the tout services are run by oddsmakers who used to work for the Las Vegas casino-sportsbooks or some other major sports book. These people may be tired of making someone else all the money, or perhaps they no longer want to work for someone else. In these cases, the handicapper puts their considerable talents to work making themselves money and a reputation.

The last thing you need to do is bet using blind luck or a gut instinct. You court disaster when you use hunches, team loyalties, or other such emotional methods to pick games. Just be certain the expert handicapper you choose as a tout service is really a qualified expert and not one of those con men I described above. Sports Betting Pal Tout Services. The Tout Service Must Be Cheap When you start searching for a legitimate tout service to help you make picks, the handicapper must be able to provide their picks at low cost to the gambler.

Keep a Record of Wins and Losses To that end, keep a record of your wins and losses, so you can test your expert handicapper against real results. What Makes an Expert Handicapper? Can Tout Services Help Me? In Nevada, sports bettors are subjected to a seemingly endless onslaught of bombast from all kinds of information providers. Conveniently, there are many websites that track how these public selections released on local radio and over the Internet fare in the marketplace.

Many individuals, usually sports bettors themselves, provide a most useful roadmap on how to invest the wagering dollar, and which information provider to pay attention to. Even the casual sports bettor should now realize that every action in every game is tracked by several sports-data companies and entered into massive databases. Serious sports bettors often pay for this predictive data, less serious players can access some of it for free through media and print outlets.

Either way, successful sport wagering is not a guessing game. A good first step towards withstanding and managing the information assault certainly to follow legalized sports betting near you is to keep in mind that most of us are exposed to touting each day. Any late night television viewer cannot avoid the aggressive and ubiquitous sales pitches every night for a myriad of products.

This type of touting is as forceful as anything you may see in the world of sports wagering and should quickly remind you to be on guard that someone is trying to separate you and your money. This same caution and buying resistance should be utilized in the sports betting world as newcomers differentiate between those selling sports wagering data analysis, those selling picks and those selling a combination of both.

Robert H. Mann, a year resident of Las Vegas, is the industry writer and columnist for Gaming Today newspaper and GamingToday. His opinions are his own and may not reflect those of SportsHandle. In A Regulated U. Gambling problem? About Contact.

This site contains commercial content. April 23, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Share 2 Tweet Share.

When horse racing ruled the sports world in the s, s and s, racetrack touts would sometimes pick each horse in a race to a different customer, thereby guaranteeing one would win.

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Nyra betting account A good first step towards withstanding and managing the information sports betting touts certainly to follow legalized sports betting near you is to keep in mind that most of us are exposed to touting each day. Welcome to the Cheap My Trip website. Load More. We still doubt the ability of the 99 percent of touts to win long term, but if they were indeed giving you plays and anticipating line moves correctly, then they might be worth something. We can argue semantics, and both sides would have a reasonable case, but semantics it would be.
Sports betting touts There are also more than a dozen viable sports betting forums for American sports bettors alone. This site contains commercial content. July 10, Sportsbooks adjust. It seems so simple. When will sports betting be legal in Michigan?
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