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Her rise to fame has been a long road that has left her with a medal cabinet bursting at the seams. It may be easy for anyone to rest on their laurels as a fourth dan black belt Judo champion, but not Rousey. In she made her Mixed Martial Arts debut. Despite all of these achievements, Rousey has also found time in her hectic schedule to model regularly and appear in three movies; Expendables 3Entourage and Furious 7. On this form, throwing a wager on Rousey to take down her opponent in the first round would be a smart move. Eight of those 10 victories were by submission.

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Floodlight failure betting websites

There have been instances of crowd trouble or, sadly even in this day and age, racism that have led players to walk from the pitch. In this instance, there is little that a referee can do to prevent the abandonment. Then there are the reasons we can file under downright bizarre. A drone was responsible for causing a European Championship qualifier to be abandoned, and so the lesson we have learned in the modern game is to expect the unexpected.

It seems to depend on what you have bet on — and more specifically where — as to what happens next. And then there are other countries, Spain being the most notable, where there is no such thing as an abandoned game. If a match is aborted at half-time, for example, it will be replayed at a later date but from the minute mark, and with the score as it stands as the starting point. If you are a regular punter of a certain league or country, it is worth checking out their specific rules governing the abandonment of matches.

This is the million dollar question, and the reality is that different bookmakers have different rules regarding abandoned matches and when bets are void and when they still stand. All other bets will be made void regardless of the scoreline at the time of abandonment. Abandoned games will be deemed to be games which do not reach their natural conclusion by midnight local time.

Games where a referee removes the players from the field of play for a temporary period, but resumes the remaining minutes of play by midnight local time, will not be deemed as abandoned. So the rules at SkyBet concern the completion of matches by midnight on match day, or alternatively if your bet is related to a market that has been satisfied first goalscorer for instance then you still can get your hands on a payout.

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Baccarat, a game of chance, has long been king in Asia. Poker's reliance on strategy opposed the Chinese faith in luck. No Macau casino even offered a poker table. I said, 'Hey, you guys should try poker. You can play other players, instead of losing to the house.

They didn't know how to play. In Macau, there was no one to teach them. Phua and Yong gathered a small group of associates for regular games, these experienced gamblers teaching themselves this new game as they went along. In , Hall traveled to Las Vegas. A perplexing player who competed mostly online, Dwan danced the edge between genius and fool, playing hands that others would ordinarily discard. Hall told them about a table in Macau stocked with fresh fish swimming in liquid stakes.

Dwan entered play, but he and Ivey were more concerned with Phua's private game. He mentioned "some Chinese businessmen" and extraordinary pots. Savage went on to write that "there was about 40 million on the table last night when I saw the game. When I asked Dwan when he was moving here he said, 'very soon. The same amount was awarded to the winner of the WSOP main event -- a day slog. The Macau table appeared at a critical moment. Online poker remained the primary venue for lucrative pots.

The government shuttered the sites, freezing their funds. Many players maintained accounts with these companies, some running into the millions of dollars. That money was gone, along with the U. The effect on the poker community, which refers to that day as Black Friday, was instantaneous. With an increasing number of states legalizing gambling, players didn't have to travel to Vegas, causing the size of pots on the Las Vegas Strip -- and everywhere -- to dwindle.

Macau was far, a whole day by plane from the U. If you could get a seat at Phua's table, however, the trip was worth the hassle. Today, the poker community regards Phua as a deep-pocketed, high-amateur player. But during the aftermath of Black Friday, he was a whisper. Accessing his table at the Starworld Casino was a waiting game, which played out across Avenida 24 de Junho at the Wynn Macau poker room. There weren't just American players there.

Even there, the action was serious. All the biggest games shifted over there for no-limit. While the Wynn action was bigger than most players had ever seen, these weren't the stakes the pros had come for, nor the opponent pool. They weren't interested in butting heads with one another. They could do that in tournaments back home, and for prize money scores and TV exposure.

They had traveled this far to face amateurs with tall stacks, people who played poker for distraction. You have to be there and sit it out, be on call. Players booked apartments. They bunked in at the Mandarin Oriental near the harbor. They played pool during breaks, baccarat to pass the time. The lucky ones would get a call from Winfred Yu, a Chinese-Canadian who assumed administrative control of the big table.

Players routinely agreed to split their earnings with a backer, especially when entering tournaments with substantial buy-ins. As the action shifted to Las Vegas for the WSOP, risk-taking players like Dwan required backing from whales like Phua and Yong to enter the richest buy-in in poker history.

There were two newcomers: Phua and Yong. We came up with 'Asian software developers. Two months later, however, Phua entered a ,pound no-limit Texas hold 'em tournament at London's Aspers Casino. Back in Macau, at his table stocked with handpicked, wealthy amateurs, Phua's stacks continued to grow. They wanted to know where all the money was coming from. We had to show the bank security-camera videos of Paul playing poker before they finally believed us.

While Phua maintained a detached table demeanor, Yong roiled the scene. The poker circuit had taken to calling the pair "the Asian businessmen. It was unclear to the poker community what this business might have been. The only substantiated fact was that Phua and Yong had instigated poker's financial revitalization. Now that the Asian tables had pushed global stakes higher, cash games had become what tournaments had always been, an opportunity for a big score.

And tournaments now all but required backing, since the buy-ins had soared to attract these new players who entered events only if the numbers could hold their attention. The Asian cash-up left the game's governors with a challenge at a time when the U. Phua was due to arrive at Caesars Palace, with federal officials watching how he would play his hand. As Phua and Yong were rising through the global poker hierarchy, they had no idea that a new hire in the Washington bureaucracy would ultimately come to impact them.

A former federal prosecutor, Shasky-Calvery had specialized in money laundering and organized crime at the Department of Justice. She had been an All-America guard for George Washington's basketball team, winning Atlantic 10 tournament MVP as a junior and graduating in as her school's all-time leading scorer.

FinCEN's director attacked her new role with an athlete's determination. She exchanged the organization's roster of analysts for hires with backgrounds in law enforcement. She established a casino division and a money-laundering enforcement group. In the wake of the global financial crisis of , fewer Americans had money to gamble; fewer still played baccarat, which had never been a popular game in the U.

Yet by , baccarat accounted for And I knew that the junkets were tied to organized crime. It would take a major breach on the Strip for FinCEN to take greater notice and begin the yearslong process of cleaning house and reorienting its agency. This case alerted Washington to the desperation of an American industry dependent on Asian clientele. Treasury officials realized that Vegas casinos were accepting billions of dollars in wires, often without knowledge of their origins.

She was there to deliver a stern message. The Macau junket business was in Xi's sights for its underworld ties. Phua was being squeezed from both sides. Last year's WSOP was proof of just how the event has grown, from a backroom smoker into a seven-week, event tournament, one of the highest-profile retreats in a city built for them.

Why would Paul Phua step foot in Vegas at such a time, with an eye in the sky watching his movements? Too much money to be made. He obviously got too careless. It was really negligence on his part. The World Cup was the biggest event in sports gambling. The properties were outfitted with movie theaters, hand-carved bathtubs of Italian stone, round-the-clock butlers and yard lap pools. Celine Dion has stayed there, as has the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Associates of Phua and Yong were already there, nine across three villas.

Each room number, in keeping with Asian superstition, began in Phua stayed in Villa , along with his year-old son, Darren. In Villa , Yong bunked in with his son and a girlfriend. Four additional guests -- all Chinese nationals -- were registered in Villa After checking in, Phua's associates asked Caesars staff to bring several big-screen TVs to Villa , along with desktop computers, monitors and laptops.

They requested the installation of multiple DSL lines. They asked for access to several TV providers. Caesars staff, accustomed to the eccentricities of villa guests, took no special notice. One week after arriving in Las Vegas, Phua was gone. On June 18, his Gulfstream landed in Macau. Phua took a car to the Wynn casino. There, Macau police took him into custody. Phua would later tell the FBI that the Macau cops had "roughed me up.

Phua, like the other detainees, wore a black hood. A police spokesperson stated that this was the largest bookmaking bust in Macau history. Can u call me asap? Do not worry, we'll manage it. According to court documents reported in the Las Vegas Review Journal, Darren Phua texted one of the Macau arresting officers who was a friend of the family: " They now negotiate. I hope that they want only money.

Darren Phua texted Tom Dwan, writing: "Everything seems negotiable. Paul Phua was welcome in the U. He informed Caesars staff that he was extending his stay to July 14, the day after the World Cup ended. The real action took place in an area even many Vegas insiders don't know exists, a gambling room called Salon 7. Caesars staff had handed out numerous keys to the three villas, 19 alone for Villa , as revealed in court documents.

Among the visitors were some of the most powerful figures in the Macau junket business. Phua and Yong appeared to be providing services they had fulfilled in Macau for years; in Salon 7, Phua and Yong transferred money to the casino accounts of their associates. Phua and Yong were accustomed to settling up in the junket rooms in Macau.

But some customs don't translate. Hotel management conducted regular inspections of the villas while guests were absent. Christian Brosius, the director of luxury hotel operations at Caesars, walked through Villa in mid-June. He noticed that several vases had been removed from a tabletop. In their place was a row of computer monitors and phone lines. Brosius photographed the layout. On Friday afternoon, June 20, Paul Urban, the director of special investigations in the Caesars Entertainment law department, received a call from Gary Selesner, the president of Caesars Palace.

Urban met Selesner in an office hallway. Selesner appeared agitated. He was waving a piece of paper in his hand, a printout of Brosius' photos. In the Caesars Palace engineering department, Urban spoke with the technicians who had installed the custom equipment in the villas. One engineer replied without hesitation: "illegal sports betting. Urban also uncovered transfers that had taken place at Caesars during the period between Dec. Urban was aware of tightening federal regulations.

This led Caesars to an unsettling conclusion. The casino, which had been losing money, was in no financial position to risk a relationship with its freest-betting clients. But if Urban failed to take his concerns to a higher authority, Caesars risked more than that. Felt showed Lopez a piece of paper. It was an email from Urban, and it included one of Brosius' photographs from Villa Lopez blurted out: "That's a wire room.

Felt kept abreast of events in Macau, and he knew that Phua had been arrested there in June. Felt also possessed an inventory of confiscated property from the Wynn Macau bust, which resembled the equipment requested by the Caesars villa guests.

Pham said that the FBI was already investigating Phua. On July 1, according to court filings, Pham emailed Eric Johnson, the chief of the criminal division in the U. He said Phua's private jet is seizable [sic], we just need to tighten up the PC [probable cause]. They landed in London on July 2. There, according to a London source, they attempted to establish a wire room for unregulated betting, but their potential host declined.

On July 3, they returned to Las Vegas. The FBI was working to establish probable cause. For this, Pham needed intelligence. A cable technician suggested disrupting villa Internet service. If Pham cut the Internet during the upcoming World Cup quarterfinals, the occupants of Villa might invite him in for repairs.

As agents discussed the strategy, the butler working in Villa requested a laptop. Lopez and an engineer entered Villa The butler met them at the door. He was adamant: The men were to remain in the entryway. Lopez and the technician heard shouting coming from inside the villa, along with audio streams of a soccer game. This wasn't enough, so Pham continued with his original plan. He contacted Assistant U. Attorney Kimberly Frayn, who cautioned him against this approach, which might infringe on civil liberties.

Paul Phua sat at one end of a table, Darren Phua at the other. Lopez spied Darren's laptop over his shoulder, a sports betting website on the screen. Looking over Paul's shoulder, Kung also saw an online sportsbook. Phua was instant messaging responded back to look on the hedge bet. I could see sport lines, like, for example, minus one and a half, minus two and a half. Koppe, who subsequently authorized a warrant.

This would be a costly error. Twenty-three FBI agents mustered near the Caesars villas, Kevlar vests strapped, automatic rifles drawn. Pham, a year bureau vet, was at the lead, with an expert in cybercrime and another agent fluent in Mandarin at his back. And 6, miles away, in Sao Paulo, Argentina and the Netherlands were preparing to meet in a World Cup semifinal. These unrelated events brought Pham and his squad to the Strip on July 9 at p. The team stormed in to find several men watching the World Cup match in the villa's main room.

The agents focused on Paul Phua, who despite the commotion continued to stare into a laptop at the portal for a sports gambling website. Darren Phua sat nearby. In nearby Villa , agents detained Richard Yong and his son. When a woman stepped out of the shower, agents handcuffed her too.

In Villa , agents found a man at the center of a U-shaped table, seven computer screens in front of him, next to a woman who was furiously pecking on a keyboard. She lifted one hand in the air but continued typing with the other. According to Phua, the FBI left him handcuffed for five hours. The venue for the game next Friday between Derry City and Sligo Rovers has been switched to The Showgrounds as the reconstructed Brandywell is not yet ready to be used.

They are 20 years trying to get new facilities into the stadium there, a few weeks extra will be worth it; it will make a huge difference. FAI end investigation into suspicious betting on Bray-Waterford game Insufficient evidence uncovered to bring charges says league director Fran Gavin Fri, Feb 9, , Emmet Malone. More from The Irish Times International. English Soccer. Gaelic Games. Express PCR testing for Covid is now available for travel and private clients.

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