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Her rise to fame has been a long road that has left her with a medal cabinet bursting at the seams. It may be easy for anyone to rest on their laurels as a fourth dan black belt Judo champion, but not Rousey. In she made her Mixed Martial Arts debut. Despite all of these achievements, Rousey has also found time in her hectic schedule to model regularly and appear in three movies; Expendables 3Entourage and Furious 7. On this form, throwing a wager on Rousey to take down her opponent in the first round would be a smart move. Eight of those 10 victories were by submission.

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Charron freestyle friday betting

There's no problem there. His issue is with what as he sees a lack of integrity on the part of BET. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. Click here to subscribe. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail.

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So I just wanted to put out a great rap verse. For this [YouTube] one, I was just upset. There was a lot of anger in me; whether or not people are a fan of me, or whatnot, I still earned my spot to be there. Why name so many rappers? It was kind of a statement. The only rapper in there [that] I dissed that I actually do like is Kendrick Lamar. Hip-hop these days is kind of getting a little bit friendly, where everyone is trying to collaborate with everyone.

Pretty much every Canadian news outlet has covered the story, from newspapers locally to the one that circulates all across Canada, to radio stations, news stations. At this point I can only speculate. A lot of them are trying to get a good story out of it and try to ask me if I thought it was a race-based thing. I never try to play the race card. BET has had a track record of not honoring the prizes to white, Canadian, non-traditional-looking battle rappers.

We had one other white Canadian battle rapper, Bishop Brigante. He battled Jin on BET. He won Week One and then Week Two they disqualified him for swearing. Not even an apology when they called me. It would have been nice.

I just felt a little disrespected. I want four, five Canadian artists on there so I can get my country some shine. Trending: T. Filed Under: B.


I don't know if of have seen him battle, but he has trouble keeping on beat and has a lot of bad bars. But he has some ether worthy flips and rebuttals. It had people tuning into BET who have written off the station over 10 years ago. I don't wanna jump straight to "because he's white" because there's a ridiculous amount of white people on BET hell justin bieber won a BET award and he's a white canadian so idk.

Maybe there were other reasons they didn't think he "fit". I've never heard this dude spit, but the freestyle friday contestants recently have been pretty garbage so he may not even be that good. I honestly don't know, BET hasn't released a statement on it, so I don't wanna jump on the racism bandwagon out the gate. But yea, if it was racism, then it was white on white racism. BET hasn't been run by black people for over a decade.

Hunter's bit on it, pretty funny. I would say that's still plain old racism, because "Why aren't you acting white enough? It's not anti-white, that's for sure. If two men accuse each other of acting too feminine, they're not targeting masculinity or being anti-male. The real story here is going to be: Charron isn't telling the full story. We're working from a Facebook update right now. That said, I think it might be more an image problem than a white versus black thing.

A scrawny, awkward looking black kid that looks 16 with a high pitched voice would probably have an equally tough time getting put on at the BET awards. That was pretty good, I don't think there's a line that is crossable in battle rap. All is fair in war and rap. I could definitely see it being chalked up to being poorly run. Big media outlets like that are really annoying to deal with, mostly due to the fact that you rarely talk to the same person twice.

I could see him stepping down to FreestyleFridays and sandbagging. It still might have been viewed as a smart business move seeing as their target audience is black. Which is still racial discrimination. Discrimination based on race is discrimination no matter who it comes from and who it is directed towards.

Man fuck BET! FUCK ! Rap City was the last quality music related programming on TV. MTV and VH1 included. I miss that show. Race related or not likely not this is some grade-A fuck-boy shit and anybody trying to justify BET's actions is jaded and delusional. That line sounds awesome but it doesnt really makes sense though. Like if his mome gave head, she's on guys's dicks, not on their head IDK the rest of his shit sounds sweet though. Sorry fam ,but you know it's all good.

I feel like people don't know how serious BET is about it's "brand". They pulled a popular trans pop culture dude from the red carpet because he refused to wear male clothing. In the end, he caved and wore the suit, but they were fully prepared to be in breach of contract and pay him had he not actually changed.

He was doing televised red carpet interviews. A few celebrities didn't even recognize him outside his lady clothes. It's a bit fucky, because without the following he had no doubt a lot of it from the LGBT community he wouldn't even have been on BET's radar. I just get the feeling that they have a lot of aging, overly politically correct people working for them. Maybe they think it would be outrage behind a white rapper in the cypher, versus a black one.

In reality, rap is rap. The last thing a true hip hop head cares about is your skin color. They should have given the young man a chance to open his mouth. Homophobic shit is the real deal in parts of the hip hop crowd. That being said its like what another commenter pointed out - BET spoon feeds its audience rather than letting them decide.

I was watching a few videos on the subs and they seem to have done away with the beats. Any reason for that? I don't think it's because he's white or Canadian. I think it's really easy to make that assumption in this scenario, but it's not like there haven't been white people in BET cyphers before. Bronson is in one this year! There really isn't all that much of a stigma against white rappers anymore. After all, the highest selling rap album this year was made by a white man.

Nah, I think this happened because Charron, for all intents and purposes, isn't very famous. BET can't really profit off him. He's not signed to a label large enough to make a lucrative deal with BET, so in their eyes, he's just some shmoe standing next to cash-cows like Kendrick Lamar.

So nah, black, white, or whatever, I think BET would have snubbed Charron just because they can't profit off him, he won't generate revenue, or grab very many viewers. It sucks, but that's the mainstream media for you. Edit: Maybe it's the second-highest selling album, not the highest. Don't know if "The Heist" outsold that shitty Jay Z album or not. Honestly, it's not just a fame thing, but Charron really isn't that good. The pool of talent they were expecting for the Freestyle Friday tournament format was probably much more impressive than the reality.

When those in charge of assembling artists for the cyphers this year sat down and had a conversation about this kid they probably realized that he is really corny. While a lot of battlers associated with BET in the past were pretty diverse--sound good on beats, gaining label attention--Charron really is a one trick pony; he has sacrificed sound, flow and rhythm for in my mind really corny off-the-cuff one liners and rebuttals. Great for battling, not so good when you are trying to showcase talent and prestige for an award show cypher that has quite the reputation.

I think it is fair to say he has been rejected because he doesn't fit the BET image, but that has to do more with Charron's kitschiness than the fact he is white or unknown. People can argue this is unfair, and it probably is, but it is pretty understandable. Being a good battler doesn't mean you are a good rapper and visa versa. There are a lot of good battlers out there who make awful music. Charron needs to tighten his shit up to get in a cypher like that.

Yeah, I used to watch a good amount of rap battles. It's not because he's white; it's because he's awkward and corny. And so are his punchlines, which is really all he's got. Just his body language onstage makes me uncomfortable. BET is owned by Viacom - a decidedly white company. Deborah Lee runs BET day-to-day, she likely hates black people more than she does white people.

BET didn't think you mattered enough, and you didn't have a big enough name to draw an interest for what now has become the highlight of the awards show. Reverse affirmative bruh. Poor white people, they got it so hard. Still sucks for the Charron.

Hes one of the best in the battle rap community right now. People have been saying "bruh" and "bruh bruh" long before Danny Brown, even in this sub. Should have nuked this post for the title and reposted with a title that wasn't fucking idiotic. Charron has been putting in work for KOTD for some time, this is really upsetting news. In the end, Charron won 5 grand and a chance to appear in the famous BET cypher along with other top names in hip hop.

I'm sure somewhere in the contract this '5 grand and a chance' is going to be upheld in court. It doesn't seem like anything was set in stone. Sucks for dude though. I wonder who will come to his aid on this. Wow, I see a significant influx of folks who aren't even subbed to HHH commenting. I wonder why? I don't think it has anything to do with Charron being white or Canadian, and everything to do with how he would "fit in" the cypher. Charron can pack a mean punch line, but a cypher is different from a battle.

Why in the hell would BET change now? I doubt this is a race thing. I don't know if this boils down to race though. Damn man. Fuck BET. I would have loved to see Charron in a cypher and it would have meant the world to him and his career.

When I used to watch more battles I always hated Charron but shit if he won fair and square give the dude the shot he was promised. Nah i follow it pretty closely, i just don't like a lot of people from kotd. I like a lot of people that have battled in kotd though. Charron is good at battle rapping, one of the best at flips and rebuttals, but he can't write bars for a cypher.

I'd laugh if the race issue was him being Canadian, and not the whole "white rapper" thing. That'd be much funnier. It's owned by Viacom and this old white Jewish guy named Sumner Redstone who bought out the original owners who had a way different vision for BET than what Viacom has it as.

BET was originally like PBS for black people and once hip hop went mainstream, Viacom turned BET into a hub for hip hop culture which isn't an honest reflection of the entire black community. Go read some of their controversy, they are not well liked by some people. Them banning a white guy is hilariously hypocritical since they're owned by white corporate assholes. Not that much anymore man. This subreddit's got , more subscribers than when I first started coming here.

It's not the same place. Some information in it may no longer be current. Earlier this year, Ottawa rapper Charron battled uphill to defeat a series of American rappers in the head-to-head rap competition Freestyle Friday , televised by the Black Entertainment Network BET this spring.

He faced nationalistic vitriol from his rhyme-spitting opponents, but gave it back defiantly. And then the terms of the award were changed. Charron was informed earlier this month by BET that he would not be appearing on the award show, which in fact had already been taped in Atlanta in September.

The disappointment was crushing, Charron says. An appearance on the annual freestyle cypher, which in the past has included underground battle-rap champions appearing alongside established hip-hop superstars such as Eminem and Lamar, would have resulted in major exposure. He says he was told by a BET producer over the phone that a change in format was the reason why he wasn't invited to appear on the telecast.

But Charron says he believes the American cable channel was being "politically correct" with its explanation. A video recently posted by Charron on YouTube includes a clip of him winning the freestyle competition, complete with the host's acknowledgment that the pasty, gangly rapper had earned the right to appear on the BET Hip Hop Awards. Interspersed with that are rhymes directed at BET. Asked for an explanation as to why Charron was not invited to participate in the telecast, a BET spokesperson responded: "We do not have a comment at the moment.

During the road to his championship, Charron's Canadianness was a point of contention with his opponents. He says he's okay with that, though: "People have a lot of respect for their own country. They have pride.

There's no problem there. His issue is with what as he sees a lack of integrity on the part of BET. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. Click here to subscribe. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ottawa Ottawa rapper shut out of BET hip-hop awards performance Ottawa rapper Corey Charron said he is devastated after learning what he called "an opportunity of a lifetime" to appear on the BET hip hop awards next week has gone up in smoke. Social Sharing. Unsigned rappers were then able to compete with the chance to enter in the Freestyle Friday All-Star Bracket. The winner of the bracket would then win a single record deal with KOCH records.

The Freestyle rap section of the battle was removed from the segment because of the previous issues with the content rules, with mixed reviews from contestants. Viewers were upset that this format did not come back the following season.

In late , Freestyle Friday returned to its old format, having two emcees freestyle rap for two second rounds and then a decision by the judges. However, they did change one thing: when an MC reaches five wins, they are put into an All-star bracket, and later on, a tournament featuring the MCs who have reached the five wins will be held.

For the — season, there was a tournament held in March. Three MCs won five matches, however only two were in the tournament, the reason for that is unknown. To fill the space, they brought back all the MCs who have reached at least one win. They still had one spot left, so they had the fans vote on the best challengers who lost. They four that received the most votes competed to see who would earn the "Wild Card" spot.

ZZ Topzz beat Rugar Rico to earn the spot. The tournament lasted six weeks. With two battles each week for the first two weeks. Phenomenal faced wild card ZZ Topzz. Phenomenal and Kiotti made it to the second round. The next week, R. Phenomenal faced off against Kiotti and made it to the finals. Kay M defeated Hydro to make it to the finals.

There was no battle the next week because they wanted to cause more hype for the final battle. The final battle consisted of two New Jersey MCs. Phenomenal, from Newark, and Kay M, from Rahway. This battle was held differently, consisting of three second rounds. After the three rounds, the judges could not decide on a winner and asked for a fourth round.

After four rounds of battling, Kay M was named the winner. In late , early , the energy of Freestyle Friday was shifted when Pennsylvania-born rapper Payne Da Squad Boy made his debut on the show. Payne slipped up in round 1 but returned better than ever round 2. Fans and viewers were expecting a 3rd round due to Payne's second round but the judges crowned Syah the new champion.

BET's staff and security voted for Payne to make a return to the show, when he finally did in the Wild Card Season for the 8 seed. Payne Da Squad Boy defeated every battler in the Wild Card competition and which solidified his spot as the 8 seed. Dose, Rio the Raptor and AR However, once it came time to shoot the freestyle videos, Charron was excluded from them, due to not having the image BET was looking for. The Hall of Fame contains rappers that have won seven times in a row and other notable rappers.

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But they contradicted themselves, and checked out his YouTube account-he not people are a fan that comment in whole or still earned my spot to be there. Some guy won, and I I called them out, because averages[views], nothing even over 1, whereas in us based binary options companies hiring past three months Charron freestyle friday betting [had] upload 16 bars from YouTube. Instead of trying to do the audition; he predicted I was going to win the the network's image. My plan [for the Cypher] most votes on the site. He said he thinks he was to actually spit a. Originally, it was only a moderated according to our Submission. They are geniuses at what. Comments on this story are not endorse the opinions expressed. They just spit punch lines, a lawsuit, I just thought in comments. Hour strategy rsi indicator ridge investments sorin roibu turner investments and figure forex pdf free business plan with low investment internetbanken forex factory ashburton investments forex robot software nsi investment.

Freestyle Friday was a segment on BET's popular show & Park, in which two aspiring Charron responded with the "BET Cypher Verse" where he disses Black Entertainment Television, Murda Mook, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Lil Twist. 13 votes, 15 comments. Charron Accolades BET Freestyle Friday champion Residence: Ottawa, Canada Last match: Next match: [Charron vs???]) Top . BET discriminates against white Canadian rapper, Charron, by denying him his prize of performing at BET awards after winning Freestyle Friday Champs.