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Her rise to fame has been a long road that has left her with a medal cabinet bursting at the seams. It may be easy for anyone to rest on their laurels as a fourth dan black belt Judo champion, but not Rousey. In she made her Mixed Martial Arts debut. Despite all of these achievements, Rousey has also found time in her hectic schedule to model regularly and appear in three movies; Expendables 3Entourage and Furious 7. On this form, throwing a wager on Rousey to take down her opponent in the first round would be a smart move. Eight of those 10 victories were by submission.

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Bet on first indictment

The public is reminded that the indictment is merely an accusation and that the defendants are each presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. Marshals Service. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U. For further information, reference is made to the page indictment which can be found at www. Justice News Department of Justice. Wednesday, April 10, Component s :. Criminal Division. Path cleared for first Black woman to lead WTO. Biden defends price of relief plan.

Sluggish recovery: US economy adds 49, jobs in January. Smartmatic sues Fox News, Trump allies over 'disinformation campaign'. Former QAnoner wonders if she put Trump above God. US gamblers are not allowed to place legal wagers on the election, even as legal sports wagering spreads across much of the country thanks to a Supreme Court ruling. But wagering on the election in the United Kingdom's legal betting market is soaring, setting up the US vote to be the most-bet-upon event in history.

The identity of the bettor, who placed the wager on October 29, is not known. That's slightly better odds for Trump than the 2-to-1 odds last week. Read More. The bet could be a good omen for Biden: The 10 largest bets in Betfair's history before now, all on sporting events, have been winners.

Big-money bettors typically bet on the favorite, said Pete Watt, public relations manager for OddsChecker US , which provides advice and information to gamblers. And they typically come very close to the event taking place, he said.

Because of that, those bettors might wait until they're convinced they can get the best possible odds on their bets.


As it became clear that Trump was leading there, bettors shifted toward the president, and his chance of winning increased from 35 percent to 44 percent by 9 p. Watt said that 93 percent of bets at one bookmaker, Paddy Power, were on Trump at about p. Events were moving quickly. By 10 p. By 11, he was up to 69 percent. Those odds are based on the best prices available. But, of course, some bookmakers vary in one direction or another, based in part on the bets they have accepted.

The odds implied that Trump had as much as an 85 percent chance of winning. But overnight, things shifted back to Biden. And though Election Day is over, betting will continue until it is clear who won, however long that takes. As of early Wednesday morning, betting markets had Trump around 25 to 30 percent to win. A bit lower than 24 hours before, but still a significant chance.

While many voters have strong passions about their candidate, bettors who want to maximize their return have to leave those opinions aside and bet with their heads, not their hearts. A wise wagerer who bet on Trump when he was a underdog, and also bet on Biden at or more at his low point at 10 p. Sports Gamblers Outside the U. While the House just needs a majority to impeach, the Senate needs two-thirds of members to vote to convict.

Most days this market has had under 50, shares traded in volume, but that soared to , shares moved on Wednesday, and , traded on Thursday. The shares in this market have flown, with over , being traded yesterday. At Ladbrokes , a sportsbook not available in the USA but is throughout most of the rest of the world, there are several markets with an interest in US Politics. Many foreign bookmakers do this more to attract publicity and attention than to make a profit, and it seems to be working because we just wrote about it.

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Bettors believe Donald Trump will be impeached. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Will Donald Trump be impeached again before the end of his term? Will the Senate convict Donald Trump on impeachment in his first term? PredictIt also believes Trump will attempt to pardon himself before leaving office: Will Trump pardon himself in his first term? Will Trump pardon Rudy Giuliani before end of ?

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For a sitting president, that doesn't paint a particularly rosy picture. The odds get exponentially better for Trump if he emerges from unscathed, as the site puts the odds at that Trump is impeached in and in If the president wants slightly more optimistic odds, he should look to PredictIt , a New Zealand—based prediction market that allows betting on major political events around the globe.

On the topic of Trump being impeached in his first term, the market is a bit more bullish on the president's survival. The site, which does its betting differently than Paddy Power, allows for a cent bet on Trump's impeachment and a cent bet on Trump completing the entirety of his term.

That would put the odds at approximately The House of Representatives, which has the sole power to impeach a president, got started in as Democratic Texas Representative Al Green introduced and forced a vote on articles of impeachment against the president. The vote failed overwhelmingly, but it did garner the support of 58 Democrats.

The odds of the president being impeached are likely dependent on two factors: The first major factor is the FBI investigation, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Should the investigation yield bombshell revelations against the president or his close confidantes, a bipartisan coalition of representatives could see fit to reintroduce impeachment with a broader base of support. The second factor is the midterms, which could potentially see the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. Should Democrats win control of the chamber, they could be emboldened to humiliate the president by voting to impeach him.

Trump may be safe for now, but he might very well spend the next few years nervously looking over his shoulder. That is, if he makes it a few years. Cage had been following politics obsessively since the election, and he thought PredictIt would be a good way to test his newfound political acumen. So he bet that Kanye would run for president. But as he kept betting, he noticed bet after bet with odds that seemed completely off.

According to Cage, in the spring of , for example, the PredictIt market gave former FBI Director James Comey a 1-in-4 chance of being indicted in the next six months. Cage had never heard anything about a Comey indictment on the news. Then he checked Breitbart and other far-right sites. Still nothing. So he made a bet that Comey would not be indicted. And he kept seeing these strange bets: Would a federal charge against Hillary Clinton come by a certain date?

What about one against Barack Obama? The curious thing was that these bets were so consistent. But day after day, month after month, people were betting on these weird theories. Every six months, a new version of the Clinton-indictment bet came up, and every six months, people bet that she would be charged. All of a sudden, the bets made sense: QAnon followers believed that Q had special inside information about the future, and they bet accordingly. Cage began scanning PredictIt for QAnon theories and betting against them.

QAnon believers swap conspiracy theories back and forth, welcoming people who are against vaccinations, people who believe the moon landing was faked, and people who follow just about every other conspiracy theory into their community. As of mid November, PredictIt still gave Trump about a 15 percent chance of winning the presidential election, even though major networks had already declared Biden the president-elect days before.

These bets might be related to QAnon, too: Believers were convinced that Trump would win the election and start making mass arrests of Democrats. Some QAnon believers might still be betting as though that were the case. Read: QAnon is winning.

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The conspiracy theory has been tied to real-life danger—but before it entered the mainstream, one man stumbled upon Q in a game of political. Robert Mueller's investigation has led to one guilty plea and two indictments. Who's next? Will the Trump administration survive? We set the. Get the latest political news, odds and political props you can bet on. We report on presidential betting odds and more.