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Her rise to fame has been a long road that has left her with a medal cabinet bursting at the seams. It may be easy for anyone to rest on their laurels as a fourth dan black belt Judo champion, but not Rousey. In she made her Mixed Martial Arts debut. Despite all of these achievements, Rousey has also found time in her hectic schedule to model regularly and appear in three movies; Expendables 3Entourage and Furious 7. On this form, throwing a wager on Rousey to take down her opponent in the first round would be a smart move. Eight of those 10 victories were by submission.

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Ritual mubeng betting wins

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Platina Kush Song. Platina Kuttado 4life Personal blog. Platina LM Official Music chart. Platina Laine Benguela Film. Platina Laine Cobi dence Brand. This fragment contains the second chapter devoted to praising Salawat the Prophet Muhammad , after which the poet will glorify his righteous caliphs al-Khulafa al-rashidun.

Titles and names that Abu Bakr Kalandar uses in his chanting of Muhammad , are very familiar both to researchers of the Islamic religion and ordinary Muslims. The Persian text is translated by Milyausha Ismagilova, a postgraduate student.

See beginning of the article in: Golden Horde Review, , no. Biosorption of cationic basic dye and cadmium by the novel biosorbent Bacillus catenulatus JB strain. Biosorption of heavy metals and dyes is a promising technology that involves the removal of toxic metals from industrial wastes. The present study aims to screen the bacterial strains isolated from soils and polluted pond for their potential biosorption of both cationic dye and cadmium.

The biosorption equilibrium data were well fitted by the Langmuir adsorption isotherm, and the kinetic studies indicated that the biosorption followed the pseudo-second-order model. The biosorption kinetics showed that the equilibrium was reached within 10 min and 5 min for BB3 and Cd II , respectively. To confirm the surface morphology and functional groups, field emission scanning electron microscope, energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer, X-ray diffraction, and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analyses were carried out, and the results revealed that the biomass of JB has carboxyl and phosphonate groups as potential surface functional groups capable of binding to cationic pollutants.

In conclusion, B. Published by Elsevier B. All rights reserved. Ali En provides a virtual file catalogue that allows transparent access to distributed data-sets and a number of collaborating Web services which implement the authentication, job execution, file transport, performance monitor and event logging.

The ALICE experiment has developed Ali En as an implementation of distributed computing infrastructure needed to simulate, reconstruct and analyze data from the experiment. The sites that belong to the ALICE Virtual Organisation can be seen and used as a single entity - any available node executes jobs and access to logical and datasets is transparent to the user.

In developing Ali En common standards and solutions in the form of Open Source components were used. During the last twelve months more than 30, jobs have been successfully run under Ali En control worldwide, totalling 25 CPU years and producing 20 TB of data.

The user interface is compatible to EU DataGrid at the level of authentication and job description language. The Ali observatory, Tibet, is a promising new site identified through ten year site survey over west China, and it is of significance to establish rules of site protection during site development. The site protection program is described with five aspects: site monitoring, technical support, local government support, specific organization, and public education. The long-term sky brightness monitoring is ready with site testing instruments and basic for light pollution measurement; the monitoring also includes directions of main light sources, providing periodical reports and suggestions for coordinating meetings.

The technical supports with institutes and manufacturers help to publish lighting standards and replace light fixtures; the research pays special attention to the blue-rich sources, which impact the important application of high altitude sites. An official leading group towards development and protection of astronomical resources has been established by Ali government; one of its tasks is to issue regulations against light pollution, including special restrictions of airport, mine, and winter heating, and to supervise lighting inspection and rectification.

A site protection office under the official group and local astronomical society are organized by Ali observatory; the office can coordinate in government levels and promote related activities. A specific website operated by the protection office releases activity propaganda, evaluation results, and technical comparison with other observatories. Both the site protection office and Ali observatory take responsibility for public education, including popular science lectures, light pollution and energy conservation education.

Ali Night Sky Park has been constructed and opens in , and provides a popular place and observational experience. The establishment of Ali Observatory and Night Sky Park brings unexpected social influence, and the starry sky trip to Ali becomes a new format of culture. Copper and dyes enhance laccase production in gamma-proteobacterium JB. Laccase production in gamma-proteobacterium JB was enhanced fold by adding 0. Ethidium bromide 2. Atrazine and trycyclozole pesticides enhanced the activity by 1.

Full Text Available One of human personalities is humanist. Thus, it can be interpreted that Muhammad SAW as an ordinary human having motivational needs. His prophetic and apostleship honor is not a direct blessing from Allah, but he had been through some complicated processes in life.

This can be applied by his followers, so they can complete their motivational needs to reach the satiation as a caliph and to be useful person in this world. The results of the calculations summarised here suggest that under the new scheme for calculating annual limits on intake proposed by ICRP there may still be a need for an organ dose limit. This would lose one of the main advantages of the new scheme, namely that ALIs could be strictly additive.

Adjusting the weighting factors and allocating the 'remainder' to possibly two tissues with the highest doses would result in effectances from different radionuclides which were not strictly additive. If, however, for practical purposes effectance could be taken to be additive, then the resulting ALIs could be apportioned between different radionuclides as desired.

In the last 2 decades, our goals for mechanical ventilatory support in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS or acute lung injury ALI have changed dramatically. Several randomized controlled trials have built on a substantial body of preclinical work to demonstrate that the way in which we employ mechanical ventilation has an impact on important patient outcomes. Physicians are searching for methods that may further limit VILI, while still achieving adequate gas exchange.

A discussion about the version of the Bible available to Muhammad. This article offers both a response to the Muslim apologist arguments regarding biblical integrity and trustworthiness as well as explains that what Muhammad knew as the Bible through the Syriac Peshitta is essentially the same in biblical content as what most reputable Bible versions contain today. Such a concession, however, places the Muslim in an extremely difficult position that needs to be discussed between Christians and Muslims if they both wish and desire to be thought of as worshiping the one true God.

In other words, interpretations are always aiming to make the Koran as well as applying the guidance in public life as a solution to the problem of street life. Full Text Available Beginning from the nineteenth century, Arab-Muslim intelligentsias marched to reform their societies. Many things since then have been carried out. They put forward various proposals, advanced numerous ideas and concepts and established several institutions.

Nevertheless, their condition has yet improved. In some context, it even deteriorates. Triggered by this situation, a number of Arab and Muslim scholars then embark on a new reform project. But at this time, their reform attempt is materialized in the form of intellectual and cultural project.

Thus, unless this understanding is corrected, no genuine reform would be able to be materialized. This article specifically attempts to shed light on conceptual apparatus and methods that he uses which this study finds to have originated from different schools of thought of western philosophy and social sciences, important of which is Marxism and postmodernism. Full Text Available In this article an attempt is made to open up and make the analysis of the creative work of one of the outstanding scholar-mathematician in the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 18th — beginning of the 19th centuries whose origin was from the Crimean Khanate — Hussein Ryfky Tamani ibn Muhammad ibn Kyrym Ghazi.

At the beginning of the 19th century, during 11 years, the scholar was a leader bashkhoja of the Ground forces military-engineering school Muhendishane-i berry-i Humayun in Istanbul. The author also presents the textbooks having for centuries become the basic textbooks in the Ottoman Empire for learning exact sciences in the military educational institutions.

The author provides the analysis of the pedagogical and public activity of the scientist during the period of reforms Nizam-i-Jedid, as well as the short description of his activities during the student years. Hussein Ryfky Tamani made a synthesis of Western and Ottoman approaches to the science. His works became the corner-stone in the foundation of Ottoman Mathematical science at the beginning of the 19th century.

Full Text Available This article discusses the relevance between Sufism and modernity in the perspective Muhammad Zuhri. This study concludes that transformative Sufism which has been initiated by Zuhri is a sort of Sufism which is grounded to the spirit and values of the fundamental teachings of Sufism, shown in accordance with the context of its time, and discussed with the problems of human beings in dealing with the dynamics of life.

Modern life has led to the problem of alienation. Of course, the alienation does not merely occur within individual dimensions self-consciousness of human alienation of consciousness, but it also occurs in their relationship to the nature ecological alienation, and the relationship among human beings social alienation. The point of relevance is how the human are subsequently able to build their self-consciousness toward the universe and their human brothers.

Such awareness is then contextualized into the dimensions of the problems of modern man. The spirit of Sufism brought by Zuhri seems to be laden with social actions and communal aspects. Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain JB -1 reverses restraint stress-induced gut dysmotility.

Environmental stress affects the gut with dysmotility being a common consequence. Although a variety of microbes or molecules may prevent the dysmotility, none reverse the dysmotility. Motility of fluid-filled ex vivo gut segments in a perfusion organ bath was recorded by video and migrating motor complexes measured using spatiotemporal maps of diameter changes. Stress reduced jejunal and increased colonic propagating contractile cluster velocities and frequencies, while increasing contraction amplitudes for both.

Our findings demonstrate, for the first time, a potential for certain beneficial microbes as treatment of stress-induced intestinal dysmotility and that the mechanism for restoration of function occurs within the intestine via a rapid drug-like action on the enteric nervous system. In , the ICRP issued Publication 2 which contained specific recommendations on dose rate limits, permissible body burdens, metabolic data for radionuclides, and maximum permissible concentrations MPC in air or water.

Over the next 20 years, new information became available concerning the effects of radiation, the uptake and retention of radionuclides, and the radioactive decay schemes of parent radionuclides. One of the secondary limits defined in Publication 30 is the annual limit of intake ALI. Radionuclide specific ALI values are intended to replace MPC values in determining whether or not ambient air and water concentrations are sufficiently low to maintain the dose to workers within accepted dose rate limits.

Sidi Ali Ou Azza is the latest meteorite fall in Morocco, it occurred on 28 July very close about 40 km to Tissint martian shergottite fall that occurred on 18 July It's one of the small group of 23 L4 ordinary chondrite falls. ALI is a project to develop an archive for talking books produced by the Swedish universities. The universities produce talking books from the mandatory literature for students with reading disabilities, including mostly journal articles, book chapters and texts written by teachers.

The project group consists of librarians and co-ordinators for…. Lisbeth R. Poulsena, Rosa L. Harperb, and Michael G. We investigated the capacity of ALA3, alone and in combination with expressed ALIS proteins, to functionally complement a battery of yeast mutants carrying deletions Web Services are an XML based technology that allow applications to communicate with each other across disparate systems.

Web Services are becoming the de facto standard that enable inter operability between heterogeneous processes and systems. Ali En2 is a grid environment based on web services. The Ali En2 services can be divided in three categories: Central services, deployed once per organization; Site services, deployed on each of the participating centers; Job Agents running on the worker nodes automatically.

A security model to protect these services is essential for the whole system. Current implementations of web server, such as Apache, are not suitable to be used within the grid environment. But in the grid environment, the common credential is the proxy certificate for the purpose of providing restricted proxy and delegation.

An Authentication framework was taken for Ali En2 web services to add the ability to accept X. The authentication framework could also allow the generation of access control policies to limit access to the Ali En2 web services. The aim of the project was to increase the performance and better the memory management which is currently used in Ali Root.

Exhaled breath analysis discriminates phenotypes of acute lung injury ALI. Introduction It has been postulated that the pathophysiology and clinical presentation of ALI based on pulmonary and non-pulmonary etiology represent different phenotypes1. Until now, little biological evidence on the molecular level has been presented to support this hypothesis. Exhaled air.

Objective: To explore the distribution of ABO blood group in the healthy population in the Ali area of Tibet, and to analyze the difference of blood group distribution between the Tibetan population in Ali and the Tibet Tibetan population. Methods: The blood distribution of apparent healthy volunteers of Tueti County and Gal County, Tibet, which were randomly selected from September to November in ; Tibetan blood donors, from September to July and 84 Tibetan blood donors from August to July was analyzed retrospectively.

The blood type was tested by the slide method. By reviewing the Chinese and foreign language database, seven articles on Tibetan blood group distribution were obtained. And the data of the blood distribution of the Ali area population and the Tibet Tibetan population were compared. The composition ratio were And there was no significant difference in the blood group distribution between Ali and Shigatse, Nagqu, Lhasa, Shannan.

However, the differences between Ali and Qamdo, Nyingchi areas were statistically significant. Conclusion: The geographical position of the blood from the west to east, B type shows a downward trend, O type blood composition ratio shows an upward trend. It has an isometric head and a non-contractile tail with 36, bp linear double-stranded DNA genome, which is classified into the group a of Lb. The genome of phi JB is highly modular with functionally related genes clustered together.

Unexpectedly, there is no similarity of its DNA replication module to any phages that have been reported, while it consists of open-reading frames homologous to the proteins of Lactobacillus strains. Our results revealed a novel chimeric phage of commercial Lb. A bacterium designated strain JB , able to degrade six benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and o-, m-, and p-xylene BTEX compounds, was isolated from petroleum-contaminated soil.

Taxonomic analyses showed that the isolate belonged to Comamonas, and until now, the genus Comamonas has not included any known BTEX degraders. The BTEX biodegradation rate was slightly low on the mineral salt medium MSM , but adding a small amount of yeast extract greatly enhanced the biodegradation. The relationship between specific degradation rate and individual BTEX was described well by Michaelis-Menten kinetics. In addition, toxicity assessment indicated the treatment of the petrochemical wastewater by BTEX-grown JB led to less toxicity than untreated wastewater.

Isolation of Burkholderia cepacia JB 12 from lead- and cadmium-contaminated soil and its potential in promoting phytoremediation with tall fescue and red clover. Phytoremediation combined with suitable microorganisms and biodegradable chelating agents can be a means of reclaiming lands contaminated by toxic heavy metals. We investigated the ability of a lead- and cadmium-resistant bacterial strain JB 12 and the biodegradable chelator ethylenediamine-N,N'-disuccinic acid EDDS to improve absorption of these metals from soil by tall fescue and red clover.

Strain JB 12 was isolated from contaminated soil samples, analysed for lead and cadmium resistance, and identified as Burkholderia cepacia. Compared with untreated plants, the biomass of plants treated with JB 12 was significantly increased. Concentrations of lead and cadmium in JB treated plants increased significantly, with few exceptions.

Plants treated with EDDS responded variably, but in those treated with combined EDDS and JB 12, heavy metal concentrations increased significantly in tall fescue and in the aboveground parts of red clover. We conclude that JB 12 is resistant to lead and cadmium. Its application to the soil improved the net uptake of these heavy metals by experimental plants.

The potential for viable phytoremediation of lead- and cadmium-polluted soils with tall fescue and red clover combined with JB 12 was further enhanced by the addition of EDDS. Full Text Available One of the most vibrant contemporary philosophical debates concerns the definition, and defence, of religious pluralism.

The philosophers who address such a topic usually hold widely divergent views regarding its exact definition and the arguments through which it can be upheld. Hick developed his views mainly influenced by Christianity, yet he also took into account some ideas advanced by Muslim authors.

Legenhausen, a convert to Islam, puts forth his own version of pluralism in the framework of a discussion of the concept as it has emerged within Christianity, and advances a refutation of Hick's view complementary to his own theory of pluralism. The paper is divided into two main sections. The first one reconstructs Legenhausen's version of religious pluralism, while especially recalling the points with which it is presented as clashing with.

Religion has a vital role in construction of a civilization identity. According to Gulen, every civilization has its links with the past and its cultural haritage, and that any attempt to reconstruct a future civilization has to consider its own cultural roots.

Thus, a civilization is neither a life adopted from colonials nor values that has been deprived from its own noble values. Weber, Thomas J. Here we have examined whether bFGF induces the closure of an experimental scratch wound in JB 6 mouse epidermal cells and have explored the regulation of the ERK pathway by bFGF in the context of kinase oscillations.

In addition, bFGF increases cell proliferation and a change in cell morphology stellate appearance in a dose-dependent fashion 0. Interestingly, at the single cell level, ERK is observed to oscillate between nuclear and cytosolic compartments in response to bFGF treatment.

Because this oscillatory behavior is asynchronous in the cell population, it is only clearly resolved at the single cell level. Collectively, data presented here are consistent with an important role for bFGF in wound healing and suggest a more complex regulation of the ERK pathway by bFGF than has previously been appreciated.

Ali Baba: PubMed as a graph. The biomedical literature contains a wealth of information on associations between many different types of objects, such as protein-protein interactions, gene-disease associations and subcellular locations of proteins. When searching such information using conventional search engines, e. PubMed, users see the data only one-abstract at a time and 'hidden' in natural language text.

Ali Baba is an interactive tool for graphical summarization of search results. It parses the set of abstracts that fit a PubMed query and presents extracted information on biomedical objects and their relationships as a graphical network. Ali Baba extracts associations between cells, diseases, drugs, proteins, species and tissues. Several filter options allow for a more focused search.

Thus, researchers can grasp complex networks described in various articles at a glance. Northern blot analysis showed no differences in ecotropic retroviral messages in MelARV-producing and -nonproducing melanoma cells, suggesting that loss of MelARV production was not due to down-regulation of MelARV transcription. Sequence analysis of the ecotropic proviral DNA from these cells showed numerous nucleotide substitutions, some of which resulted in the appearance of a novel intraviral PstI restriction site and the loss of a HindIII restriction site in the pol region.

PCR amplification of the proviral DNAs indicates that an ecotropic provirus found in the H-2Kb-positive cells is novel and does not preexist in the parental H-2Kb-negative melanoma cells. Copyright In many Islamic literature, the study of amar ma'ruf nahi munkar has been widely practiced, both among theology, civic organizations, religious politics and literary books of commentary.

One of the books that also discusses this study is The Message of The Quran, a book of translations and tafsir, written by Muhammad Asad. It is. This work is in the form of translation and interpretation. The explanations in it are in the form of footnotes and comments on translated verses as well as certain attachments related to particular themes. The compilation of this book is based on the orderliness of the letter as adopted by the majority of scholars and based on the reading of Hafs bin Sulaiman al-Asadi.

At each beginning of the letter discussed, the letter periodization is first explained, the general explanation of the contents of the letter content. That Asad always interpret the word amar ma'ruf with something right. While nahi munkar with the opposite meaning something is wrong. Asad revealed to do something must be in accordance with the syariah that contained the Qur'an and sunnah.

Because, to reach the best community or people is always to do something in accordance with the law or syariah that prevail in Islam. Scientism is the result of the paradigm which lost of its sacred as science.

One of the Moslem scholars who criticized the hegemony of Western thought to Islamic culture and civilization is Muhammad Iqbal. For Iqbal, for centuries, Muslim thinkers were unable to see Islam from Quran point of view because they perceive it from the eye of rational-speculative Greek philosophy.

Islamic thinking had been under its hegemony for so long that need to be deconstructed. Kata-kata Kunci: decolonization of epistemology, hybrid culture, Islamic epistemology, the Third Space. Paradigma tersebut sejauh ini, menggiring pengetahuan dan sains pada tujuan-tujuan yang bersifat instrumental. Saintisisme merupakan.

Malaria is a serious disease, caused by the parasite of the genus Plasmodium , which was responsible for , deaths in High levels of HO-1 were reported in cases of severe malaria. Sesquiterpene lactones isolated from indigenous Middle Eastern plants inhibit tumor promoter-induced transformation of JB 6 cells. Full Text Available Abstract Background Sesquiterpene lactones SL are plant secondary metabolites that are known for their anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties.

These SL molecules isolated from two plant species native to. Sesquiterpene lactones SL are plant secondary metabolites that are known for their anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties. These SL molecules isolated from two plant species native to the Middle East may provide opportunities for complementary. Severe burn is often accompanied by multiple organ damage. Acute lung injury ALI is one of the most common complications, and often occurs in the early stage of severe burns.

If it is not treated in time, it will progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS , which will be a serious threat to the lives of patients. At present, the treatment of ALI in patients with severe burn is still remained in some common ways, such as the liquid resuscitation, the primary wound treatment, ventilation support, and anti-infection.

In recently, human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells hUCMSCs have been found having some good effects on ALI caused by various causes, but few reports on the efficacy of ALI caused by severe burns were reported. Adashev and presented by Ivan the Terrible to the Lithuanian side in Adashev took place in Full Text Available Objective: To isolate and identify perchlorate-reducing bacterium from an enriched consortium from tidal flats of the Yellow Sea.

Methods: A perchlorate-enriched consortium from tidal flats of the Yellow Sea was used to isolate Azospira suillum A. The strain was identified based on partial 16S rDNA sequencing. Perchlorate reduction by the strain was tested with acetate as the e - donor in the presence of NaCl, nitrate and at different growth temperatures using standard anaerobic techniques.

The complete enzymatic destruction of perchlorate was confirmed as evolution of O2 by chlorite dismutase in the absence of acetate. Perchlorate reduction coincided with concomitant increase in cell density. Conclusions: Reduction of perchlorate by A. JB in Magnetic Gellan Gum. In this study, we investigated the bioremediation of petrochemical wastewater containing BTEX compounds by immobilized Comamonas sp.

JB cells. Three kinds of magnetic nanoparticles were evaluated as immobilization supports for strain JB. After comparison with Fe3O4 and a-Fe2O3 nanoparticles, r-Fe2O3 nanoparticle was selected as the optimal immobilization support. The highest biodegradation activity of r-Fe2O3-magnetically immobilized cells was obtained when the concentration of r-Fe2O3 nanoparticle was mg L Additionally, the recycling experiments demonstrated that the degradation activity of r-Fe2O3-magnetically immobilized cells was still high and led to less toxicity than untreated wastewater during the eight recycles.

These results supported developing efficient biocatalysts using r-Fe2O3-magnetically immobilized cells and provided a promising technique for improving biocatalysts used in the bioremediation of not only petrochemical wastewater but also other hazardous wastewater. This article highlights the contributions of Professor Salah Abdelrahman Ali Taha — , one of the pioneers in paediatrics in Sudan and Saudi Arabia. He graduated from Kitchener School of Medicine renamed, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum[U of K] in and was awarded an MD from the U of K in , having accomplished a survey on the prevalence and underlying causes of childhood malnutrition in 14 villages.

His impact was remarkable in establishing child health services in Sudan and Saudi Arabia, and in laying the foundation of the Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, King Saud University. He was also an active researcher in various fields in child health, and was pioneering in those related to nutrition. Contamination of mercury in tongkat Ali hitam herbal preparations.

As such, a total of products in various pharmaceutical dosage forms of a herbal preparation found in Malaysia, containing tongkat Ali hitam, either single or combined preparations, were analyzed for the presence of a heavy toxic metal, mercury, using atomic absorption spectrophotometer, after performing a simple random sampling to enable each sample an equal chance of being selected in an unbiased manner.

The quality requirement for traditional medicines in Malaysia is not exceeding 0. Out of these 26 products, four products have already registered with the DCA, Malaysia whilst the rest, however, have not registered with the DCA, Malaysia.

Divider plate leak inspections using an acoustic tool ' ALIS '. Divider plate leakage in the primary head of steam generators may be a contributor to high Reactor Inlet Header Temperature RIHT which can have a negative effect on the operation of a plant. A method to provide quick information of divider plate leakage can be very useful in helping operators to make timely and cost effective repair and maintenance decisions. The basic principle of this technique utilizes sound transmission through the leakage paths of a divider plate assembly for creating a graphic image which reveals the locations and relative sizes of leaks.

This is accomplished by injecting one side of the primary head with a series of airborne, ultrasonic sound bursts while scanning the divider plates from the opposite side and collecting transmitted sound pressure levels. Once a scan is completed the results are processed and displayed graphically as a color mapping of the entire divider plate assembly showing an image of the leakage locations and relative severity. The special transducers of the acoustic leak inspection system ALIS are installed through the manways of the steam generator at both sides of the primary head.

These are clamped to the tube sheet and operated from a convenient remote location within the containment building. This process minimizes radiation exposure of the workers, as well, it reduces risk of contamination of the ALIS equipment. The current version of this tool performs the scans by remote manual control. Both series critically appraise open-access educational blogs and podcasts in EM using an objective scoring instrument.

This installment of the blog and podcast watch series curated and scored relevant posts in the specific topic of toxicology emergencies from the AIR-Pro Series. The AIR-Pro Series is a continuously building curriculum covering a new subject area every two months. For each area, eight EM chief residents identify advanced clinical questions. Using FOAMsearch. The scoring instrument contains five measurement outcomes based on seven-point Likert scales: recency, accuracy, educational utility, evidence based, and references.

A total of 31 blog posts and podcasts were included. Key educational pearls from the six high-quality AIR-Pro posts and four honorable mentions are summarized. This series provides an expert-based, crowdsourced approach towards critically appraising educational social media content for EM clinicians. This installment focuses on toxicology emergencies. Full Text Available Agama sebagai sasaran kajian penelitian sudah banyak dilakukan oleh para sarjana disiplin ilmu.

Mereka melakukan penelitian terhadap berbagai aspek dari agama, baik aspek ide maupun aspek perwujudan dalam kenyataan. Dimulai dari keyakinan dan ajaran yang dimiliki oleh suatu agama hingga pengaruh agama pada kehidupan masyarakat pemeluk agama tersebut. Dengan demikian pendekatan sifatnya umum. Dalan suatu pendekatan tertentu dapat digunakan bermacammacam metode, umpamanya seorang Sosiolog akan mengkaji agama pasti akan menerapkan pendekatan metode-metode sosiologis.

Begitu pula Sejarawan, Antropolog, Fenomenolog, dan lain-lain akan menerapkan pendekatan dan metode sesuai dengan latar belakang keahliannya. Maka sasaran ideal dari beberapa pendekatan adalah memperoleh interelasi yang sistematis dari fakta-fakta agama, dan bertujuan untuk mencari jawaban tentang fakta-fakta tersebut dengan menggunakan kesangsian sistematis. Pendekatan keilmuan dalam meneliti agama mencoba mendeskripsikan dunia pemeluk agama secara apa adanya das sein, bukan didasarkan semestinya secara normatif das sollen.

Dengan demikian, pendekatan keilmuan yang empiris ini menggunakan dan mengadaptasi pendekatanpendekatan ilmu-ilmu sosial dan budaya. Dari sekian tokoh ilmu Perbandingan Agama, kebanyakan dari mereka merupakan ilmuwan Barat. Namun demikian ada juga beberapa tokoh perbandingan agama dari duni Islam, antara lain adalah Prof. Section Full Text Available Currently, there is keen interest in the development of alternative therapies in the treatment of depression.

Given the explosion of research focused on the microbiota-gut-brain axis, consideration has turned to the potential of certain probiotics to improve patient outcomes for those suffering from mood disorders. These findings highlight the importance of investigating putative antidepressants in mouse strains known to express face validity for some markers of depression.

Clinical studies examining the activity of L. This study adds to the literature supporting the possibility that modifying the intestinal microbiota via probiotics represents a promising potential therapeutic breakthrough in the treatment of psychiatric disease.

Currently, there is keen interest in the development of alternative therapies in the treatment of depression. Salah satu tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk melihat sejauh mana proses pembelajaran berangsung dan bagaimana dampaknya bagi siswa dalam rangka meningkatkan kreatifitas dan sikap nasionalisme siswa yang berlandaskan beberapa indikator yang peneliti sodorkan, misalnya 1 memiliki rasa bangga terhadap bangsa, 2 peduli terhadap nasib bangsa, 3 mempertahankan identitas atau jati diri sebagai bangsa timur, 4 menerima kemajemukan, 5 memiliki rasa keterpautan dan rasa memiliki Sense of Belonging.

Dari hasil penelitian yang dilakukan menunjukkan bahwa aktifitas siswa di dalam kelas selama proses pembelajaran mengalami peningkatan secara signifikan. Hal tersebut terlihat dari proses tanya jawab selama proses pembelajaran berlangsung. Salah satu kendala dalam pembelajaran ini adalah terkait minimnya sumber-sumber pendukung pembelajran, misalnya buku maupun literatur-literatur yang membahas tentang tokoh Tuan Guru Haji Muhammad Zainuddin Abdul Majid.

Kata kunci: biografi, pembelajaran Sejarah. This thesis investigates the stereotypical portrayal of Muslims in the American media. Full Text Available The coming of Islam in the Buton Sultanate has brought a change in the social, political, even in the intellectual aspects. It produced scholars with the thought or ijitihad as a blend of Islamic and local cultures. His thought or ijitihad found the essence of the concept of manners according to the teachings of the ancestors in kabanti Bula Malino.

His several works became the guidance of the public and court authorities in the Sultanate of Buton which were basically rooted from the teachings of Islam. The magnitude of Islamic influence in some of his works proves the enduring process of Islamic acculturation done continuously and deeply since the era of Buton Islamic empire. Nutrition and other bioactive natural products present in specific foods within a balanced diet play an indispensable role in maintaining and promoting human health.

Plants are rich sources of a balanced nutrition because of high content of bioactive products; hence, most of them recently have acquired the status of superfoods. It has been used since ancient times for the treatment of various ailments, and these traditional medicines still remain as one of the most affordable and easily accessible sources of treatment in the primary health-care system.

The scientifically based use of these superfoods date back to the era of Prophet Muhammad along with other historical uses of plant products. Prescription of a large number of herbal foods such as dates, pomegranate, olives, figs, grapes, and black seeds was successfully proposed by him.

These recently have become superfoods with their powerful healing properties and act as favorable dietary interventions for disease prevention as well as for the good maintenance of health. The use of these foods as ingredients of natural origin with fewer side effects seems to be more favorable than the chemical treatment, which is often complicated.

The present review is an attempt to provide a brief survey of the literature on scientifically based significance of these superfoods carried out by various researchers and exploration of a wide spectrum of their pharmacological actions which include antidiabetic, anticancer, immune modulator, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and hepatoprotective properties. Full Text Available All this time there was a different opinion about the time for Arafah fasting. Whether to comply with the provisions of Saudi Arabia or adjust the territory of each person.

We describe the work on enabling one click deployment of Grid sites of Ali En Grid framework on the Nimbus 'science cloud' at the University of Chicago. Two approaches of dynamic virtual Ali En Grid site deployment are presented. Comparison of the insulin reaction of peripheral blood T cells between healthy Holstein dairy cows and JB during the periparturient period.

To compare the changes in the insulin reaction of Holstein dairy cows and Japanese Black cows JB during the periparturient period, the insulin resistance test in vivo and lymphocytes proliferation with insulin in vitro were performed.

Ten healthy Holstein dairy cows Holstein group and 10 healthy JB cows JB group used in this study were observed on days 60, 40, and 20 before calving and days 7 and 20 after calving. In insulin resistance reaction in vivo and in vitro, a low insulin-stimulated glucose disposal rate and lymphocyte proliferation with insulin were observed in the Holstein group compared with the JB group during the experimental period. These findings indicate that T cells reaction to insulin in healthy periparturient Holstein cows is lower than that in Japanese Black.

For the convenience of using in the dose assessment, also given are values of committed effective dose equivalent per intake of unit activity. It is expected that these values will be applied to the radiation protection purposes. We have shown that this isoform At present we are studying the subcellular localization of ALA2 in planta in order to understand better its possible Firstly, the feeding input signal is modulated by lateral inhibition network to suppress background.

Then, the linking input is modulated by ALI , and linking weight matrix is generated adaptively by calculating ALI coefficient of each pixel. Finally, the binary image is generated through the nonlinear modulation and the pulse generator in PCNN. The experimental results show that the segmentation effect as well as the values of contrast across region and uniformity across region of the proposed method are better than the OTSU method, maximum entropy method, the methods based on conventional PCNN and visual attention, and the proposed method has excellent performance in extracting IR dim small target from complex background.

Acute lung injury ALI and acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS are critical conditions that are associated with high mortality and morbidity. Aerosolized prostacyclin has been used to improve oxygenation despite the limited evidence available so far Full Text Available The microbiota is required for optimal host development and ongoing immune homeostasis.

Lactobacilli are common inhabitants of the mammalian large intestine and immunoregulatory effects have been described for certain, but not all, strains. The mechanisms underpinning these protective effects are beginning to be elucidated. One such protective organism is Lactobacillus rhamnosus JB -1 Lb.

Human monocyte-derived dendritic cells MDDCs were co-incubated with bacteria and analysed over time for bacterial adhesion and intracellular processing, costimulatory molecule expression, cytokine secretion and induction of lymphocyte polarization.

Neutralising antibodies were utilized to identify the responsible MDDC receptors. Thus, inhibition or delay of intracellular processing may be a novel strategy by which certain commensals may avoid the induction of proinflammatory responses. The microbiota is required for optimal host development and ongoing immune homeostasis. Prieto, J. This nearby transient was missed by galaxy-targeted surveys and was only found in archival optical images obtained by the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey and the All-Sky Automated Survey.

The late-time light curve is consistent with 0. We detect the supernova in archival Spitzer and WISE images obtained months after explosion, which show clear signs of warm K dust emission. We discuss the implications of these findings in the study of core. NETs in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of acid-aspiration mice were significantly higher Exogenous NETs were administered to mice.

Alvelestat can inhibit neutrophil elastase NE , which serves an important role in NET formation, so we investigated whether alvelestat could protect against ALI in cell and mouse models. Targeting NETs by alvelestat may be a potential therapeutic strategy. Ground-based multi-station spectroscopic imaging with ALIS. The first spectroscopic imaging station was operational in , and since then up to six stations have been in simultaneous operation.

Each station has a scientific-grade CCD-detector and a filter-wheel for narrow-band interference-filters with six positions. Each imager is mounted in a positioning system, enabling imaging of a common volume from several sites. This enables triangulation and tomography. ALIS made the first unambiguous observations of Radio-induced optical emissions at high latitudes, and the detection of water in a Leonid meteor-trail.

Both rockets and satellite coordination are considered for future observations with ALIS. Olaitan and Muhammad Journal of Pharmacy and. Pharmacognosy Research. Amira, E. Ferreria, A. He created social teology perspective, based from his experience in west sociology perspective about Capitalism or Marxism. He succeed seek the Capitalism and Marxism weaknes if this perspective is used in Muslim Society. He mapping structure of society, insist of: Habil and Qobail.

Habil is common people in society, Qabil is high class, likes: prince, aristocrats or capital owner. Qabil was repressedHabil trough social, politic, economy and religious system. This tragedy happen in Iran whenSyah Reza rezim. Because of his activities, he to be prisoner one more time, then he is going abroad, until he pass away in England with suspicious that he killed by Syah Reza people. Performance of an alkalophilic and halotolerant laccase from gamma-proteobacterium JB in the presence of industrial pollutants.

An alkalophilic and halotolerant laccase from gamma-proteobacterium JB catalyzed in high concentrations of organic solvents and various salts. Decolorization of indigo carmine by laccase at pH 9. Release of chromophoric, reducing and hydrophobic compounds during biobleaching of straw rich-soda pulp by laccase was not inhibited when the enzyme was applied in the presence of 1 M NaCl at pH 8. El cuerpo extendido : indumentaria mutante en la obra de Ali Schachtschneider.

Erkki Bahovski. Results have been obtained using two different approaches. The first approach involves calibration of nearly simultaneous surface observations based on image statistics from areas observed simultaneously by the two sensors.

The second approach uses vicarious calibration techniques to compare the predicted top-of-atmosphere radiance derived from ground reference data collected during the overpass to the measured radiance obtained from the sensor. The method is similar to AFLP, but differs Simultaneous quantitation of six major quassinoids in Tongkat Ali dietary supplements by liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry.

Tongkat Ali Eurycoma longifolia is one of the most popular traditional herbs in Southeast Asia and generally consumed as forms of dietary supplements, tea, or drink additives for coffee or energy beverages. Using the developed method, the content of the six quassinoids was measured in Tongkat Ali containing dietary supplement tablets or capsules, and the resulting data were used to confirm the presence of Tongkat Ali in those products.

Among the six quassinoids, eurycomanone was the most abundant quassinoid in all samples tested. The developed method would be useful for the quality assessment of Tongkat Ali containing dietary supplements. KGaA, Weinheim.

Arsenic is a well-documented human carcinogen associated with skin carcinogenesis. Our previous work reveals that arsenite exposure is able to induce cell transformation in mouse epidermal cell JB 6 Cl41 through the activation of ERK, rather than JNK pathway. Our current studies further evaluate downstream pathway in low dose arsenite-induced cell transformation in JB 6 Cl41 cells. AR42 J-B cell: An expandable progenitor to generate an unlimited supply of functional hepatocytes.

Hepatocytes are the preparation of choice for Toxicological research in vitro. However, despite the fact that hepatocytes proliferate in vivo during liver regeneration, they are resistant to proliferation in vitro, do not tolerate sub-culture and tend to enter a de-differentiation program that results in a loss of hepatic function. These limitations have resulted in the search for expandable rodent and human cells capable of being directed to differentiate into functional hepatocytes.

Research with stem cells suggests that it may be possible to provide the research community with hepatocytes in vitro although to date, significant challenges remain, notably generating a sufficiently pure population of hepatocytes with a quantitative functionality comparable with hepatocytes. The B cell was cloned from the rodent AR42J pancreatic cell line, express genes associated with pancreatic acinar cells and readily proliferates in simple culture media.

Trans-differentiation of pancreatic acinar cells also appears to occur in vivo in rats treated with glucocorticoid; in mice with elevated circulating glucocorticoid and in humans treated for long periods with glucocorticoid. The B response to glucocorticoid therefore appears to be related to a real pathophysiological response of a pancreatic cell to glucocorticoid. An understanding of how this process occurs and if it can be generated or engineered in human cells would result in a cell line with the ability to generate an unlimited supply of functional human hepatocytes in a cost effective manner.

The work attempts to promote intellectual heritages such as the book of Cahaya Suluh, which could at least give us an idea that in a process of setting certain rules or istinbat, there is a need for flexibility. As can be observed from the whole argument built in this book, the process is completely flexible, not merely following one school of thought. As indicated in this paper, especially in the discussion of his thought, Muhammad Basiuni Imran used various references for his propositions.

As a matter of fact, in the case of Friday prayer, his position was different from the school of thought he supported. He took that position because he considered the socio cultural conditions of Sambas at the time. Intellectual spirit shown by the Grand Imam of Sambas should continue to be emulated and expanded. In addition, the approach to the interpretation of law should look at its socio-cultural and historical background as this will keep the law strong and sustainable.

In this way, Islam will be easily accepted without having to impose foreign culture on local people. January 23, , I hereby determine that the individual known as Said Ali al- Shihri, and also known as One of its strength is the automatic installation of the required packages. We have developed an interoperation module to allow to unify several computing sites using ARC, and make them look like a single site from the point of view of Ali En.

A prototype has been completed and tested out of production. This talk will present implementation details of the system and its performance in tests. The so-called Ali Sabieh range, SE Afar rift, exhibits an atypical antiform structure occurring in the overall extensional tectonic context of the Afar triple junction. We dynamically analyzed the brittle deformation of this specific structural high using four different methods in order to better constrain the tectonic evolution of this key-area in the Afar depression.

Paleostress inversions appear highly consistent using the four methods, which a posteriori validates this approach. Computed paleostress fields document two major signals: an early E-W extensional field, and a later transcurrent field, kinematically consistent with the previous one. Tongkat Ali Eurycoma longifolia Jack : a review on its ethnobotany and pharmacological importance.

Eurycoma longifolia Jack is an herbal medicinal plant of South-East Asian origin, popularly recognized as 'Tongkat Ali. The plant parts are rich in various bioactive compounds like eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, eurycomalactone, eurycomanone, and pasakbumin-B among which the alkaloids and quassinoids form a major portion. Even though toxicity and safety evaluation studies have been pursued, still a major gap exists in providing scientific base for commercial utilization and clearance of the Tongkat Ali products with regard to consumer's safety.

The present review aims at reviewing the research works undertaken till date, on this plant in order to provide sufficient baseline information for future works and for commercial exploitation. Qabil was repressedHa Ali Syari'ati is muslim brilliant philosopher, graduated from doctoral of Sorbonne France.

The overall stability of the Ali En middleware has been excellent throughout the 3 years of running, but the massive amount of end-user analysis and its specific requirements and load has revealed few components which can be improved. One of them is the interface between users and central Ali En services catalogue, job submission system which we are currently re-implementing in Java.

The interface provides persistent connection with enhanced data and job submission authenticity. In this paper we will describe the architecture of the new interface, the ROOT binding which enables the use of a single interface in addition to the standard UN IX-like access shell and the new security-related features.

The Ali En Grid Services, as operated by the ALICE Collaboration in its global physics analysis grid framework, is based on a central File Catalogue together with a distributed set of storage systems and the possibility to register links to external data resources. This paper describes several identified vulnerabilities in the Ali En File Catalogue access protocol regarding fraud and unauthorized file alteration and presents a more secure and revised design: a new mechanism, called LFN Booking Table, is introduced in order to keep track of access authorization in the transient state of files entering or leaving the File Catalogue.

By extending the access protocol with signed status messages from the underlying storage system, the File Catalogue receives trusted information about a file's size and checksum and the protocol is no longer dependent on client trust. Altogether, the revised design complies with atomic and consistent transactions and allows for accountable, authentic, and traceable file operations. This paper describes these changes as part and beyond the development of Ali En version 2.

Full Text Available Periodicals are the documents which constitute resources for ourhistory.

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Plastyjos Local business. Plastyk School. Plastyk Bydgoszcz School. Plastyk Bydgoszcz Pakiecikposting Artist. The soldiers died in a gun battle on Sunday with the sect members in Garkida community in Gombi Local Government Area. Garkida is the border town between Adamawa and Borno States and its south of the Sambisa forest, which is believed to be the hiding place of the sect. Residents of Garkida community told Channels Television that the insurgents, who stormed the town around pm local time on Sunday, overpowered the military stationed in the town and laid siege on the community.

Hours after the attack residents of the community are still in their hideouts for fears of continuous attack by the dreaded sect, Boko Haram. There is no official confirmation of the attack but eyewitnesses say that several residents of the community were killed in the attack. Aside the military base, the group attacked two churches and destroyed several houses in the community.

Also, in Madagali Local Government Area, six persons were killed as suspected members of the group carted away food items. An eyewitness said that the village head of Zar community, retired Wing Commander Dauda Daniel was declared missing after the attack. Meanwhile, the Acting Governor of the State, Honourable Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has commiserated with the families of the victims in the affected local government areas.

He, however, confirmed that he heard of a rumoured attack in the affected communities. Adamawa State, Borno and Yobe are under a state of emergency rule that has lasted for over one year to enable the Nigerian Armed Forces, deployed for counter-terrorism operations since the insurgency stated in , carry out their operations better. The military said it is doing its best to contain the incessant bombings and attacks in the region, but requested for more funding and military equipment to enable them end the insurgency.

Abati noted that President Jonathan welcomed the recent resolve by the Defence Ministers of Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Benin and Niger to further strengthen existing partnerships in order to forestall the desperate attempt by misguided elements to turn the sub-region into a battleground for terrorism and radical extremism. Over 50 persons, including four soldiers, were killed in Adamawa on Sunday, including four soldiers, when members of the Boko Haram terrorist group unleashed an attack on Garkiba community in Gombi Local Government Area.

The bomb went off about am local time on Monday. A counter-terrorism operations has been on for over 3 years, but containing the insurgents has become more difficult than expected. The government has appealed to Nigerians to be patient, as it tries to re-kit the military, promising that the war on terror will be won.

Nigerians have been advised to be calm and not panic over the reported case of Ebola Virus in Lagos State, with an assurance that no Nigerian is infected with the virus. Addressing a joint Ministerial Press briefing of the Lagos State Ministry of Health and Federal Ministry of Health on development concerning the disease on Monday, the Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris, affirmed that there had only been one case of imported Ebola resulting in the death of a Liberian diplomat in Lagos.

He emphasized that health authorities were being very proactive about the detection of the Ebola Virus in the Liberian, who was on his way to Calabar for a conference, by ensuring that all contacts were being actively followed. Dr Idris said part of the measures taken after the death of the Liberian was the demobilization of the private hospital where he was admitted and elimination of primary source of infection. He stated that the decontamination process in all affected areas had commenced. A cremation urn has been prepared for dispatch to the family.

In terms of contacts tracing, Dr Idris explained that so far a total of 59 contacts was registered consisting of 44 hospital contacts 38 healthcare workers and six laboratory staff and 15 Airport contacts comprising 3 ECOWAS staff-driver, Liaison, and Protocol officers, Nigerian Ambassador to Monrovia, two nursing staff and five Airport passenger handlers.

He further explained that out of the number, 20 contacts had been physically screened of which 50 per cent were of the type one contact and another 50 per cent had type two contacts. The Airline manifest has not been provided by the airline at the time of this report and therefore, the precise number of passenger contacts is yet to be ascertained, especially as two flights were involved Monrovia-Lome and Lome-Lagos.

There was no report of a medical incident filed. Dr Idris stated that an isolation ward was designated by the Lagos State Ministry of Health at the Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba for case management while the designation of three other health facilities is underway. The President of the Nigerian Academy of Science, Professor Oyewale Tomori, who was also at the briefing said all the contact persons are being screened on a continuous basis to look for any possible signs of the disease.

He commended the timely action taken by the Lagos State Government and the private hospital adding that there is absolutely no need for people to panic as the golden rule is to observe the personal hygiene of always washing the hands regularly with soap.

In a statement issued after the press briefing, a spokesman for the governor of Lagos State, Mr Hakeem Bello, assured Nigerians that both the State and Federal Governments were well prepared to ensure that the Ebola Virus Disease did not spread. My husband named me Omosexy — Omotola Jalade Ekeinde.

However, in the practical world the two go hand in glove and are often so difficult to separate. But where are most interesting pet names to be found if not in the make-believe world of entertainment. For your reading pleasure, here are some of the pet names Nigeiran entertainment divas call themselves and why. Omotola told Potpourri that her popular nickname was actually a pet name given to her by her husband of almost twenty years.

Omotola, no doubt remains one of the most curvaceous women ever to grace the African cinema screen. They call me Gentle Lover— Angel Christopher Voluptuous Angel Christopher, an actress, model and scriptwriter, from Imo State has been in Nollywood for a while, rubbing shoulders with the very best in the trade. Angel said she is known as a Gentle Lover because she hurts easily in relationships and love to be petted.

She has featured in over 50 movies and has produced a handful of her own. Davido, Wizkid at war again? Many industry watchers thought the two young kids, Wizkid and Davido have buried their differences and show of supremacy but it seems all is not well again.

The duo are said to be on collision once more. It started with what look like an harmless tweet but the hatred is already spreading on the social media. Amazing show last night!! Big up wale nd akon for showing me love!! Proper show!

Proper venue! Boys talk!! Men work!! Men Work!! Chibok — Days, Counting. The circumstances of the 14 April abduction were graphic portrayals of the failure of government and leadership at different levels. The girls were abducted though there was a state of emergency in the North East, and assurances by the Borno State Government that adequate security was provided for the students writing their final exams.

Worldwide rage trailed the abduction that added another dimension to the terror attacks in Nigeria. Of course, the insurgency has a wider aim of destabilising the entire Sahel region, something that was not reflected in earlier measures that tended to localise the challenge. The Bring Back Our Girls campaign resonated around the world. Its local chapter has been having running battles with security agencies who term it an opposition platform for political blackmail.

It is most distressing that the girls are still in captivity in Sambisa Forest, which bears various dangers. The nation shares in the agonies of the families of the abductees. Global attention was momentary. The blame shifting, blame sharing and superior knowledge about what cannot secure release of the girls. Security agencies claim they know where the girls are. The biggest international contribution to the rescue efforts is the Bring Back Our Girls campaign. Nigerians should support our security agencies as they go about the onerous job of securing the release of the girls.

There is the additional matter of ending the insurgency. The war on terror and the efforts to rescue the girls are complex campaigns that require the understanding of everyone. We must sink our political differences if we are to face a common enemy that is determined to destroy our society. The last four years of dealing with various degrees of terror attacks, has made the war against terror a major national focus. Government might not have been as successful as many expected in combating terror, but it is not a failure from which to make political capital.

Lives are involved. Elections cannot become more important than the lives of Nigerians. Public ownership of security, empowering the security agencies, earning the confidence of the people, prompt trial of suspects and their sponsors would limit the capacities of the attackers. Secret loyalty for the enemy and profiling Nigerians based on their religion and ethnic background are divisive and aids the attackers.

Government should ensure safe return of the girls soon, and an end to the frequent terror attacks. El-Rufai loses son in auto crash. Hamza El-Rufai died Tuesday morning in Abuja. The father of the deceased broke the unfortunate news on his faceboook page at about am today. Please join our family in praying for the repose of the soul of my son, Hamza El-Rufai who died in a motor accident in Abuja.

Lagos — Doctors without Borders MSF on Tuesday said that the ebola virus is now out of control in West Africa, with more than 60 outbreak hotspots MSF warned that if the governments of West Africa do not take measures to stop this epidemic, the virus would continue to spread unabated. The rapid spread of the disease, which is deadly in up to 90 per cent of cases, has overwhelmed aid agencies and health workers and terrified local communities. This is the first time the disease has spread through the region and MSF said it had identified more than 60 separate locations with confirmed cases of the virus.

The News Agency of Nigeria NAN reports that ebola virus live in animal hosts, and humans can contract the viruses from infected animals. NAN reports that after the initial transmission, the virus can spread from person to person through contact with body fluids or contaminated needles. According to WHO, fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are considered to be the natural host of the Ebola virus.

No licensed specific treatment or vaccine is available for use in people or animals. The National Identity Management Commission NIMC may have kick started its duty by ensuring that Nigeria has a credible and reliable data bank for the country, but the commission is faced with challenges ranging from issues of multiple head counts, giving of false information by citizens and corrupt practices leveled against its officials among others.

Chris Onyemenam, highlights what the future holds for the agency and its activities. Chris-OnyemenamExcerpts: There is news making the rounds that this registration may be completed by December this year. Is it achievable? No, I have not even specified a given date. What I meant was that December will serve as an evaluation unit or point to reassess our objectives as a commission.

There is a Presidential directive, and as you know there is a policy statement too, and we are all bound by it. The Presidential directive is to the effect that all federal agencies that are involved in data capture services which also have identity authentication verification which should align with their activity and infrastructure with a view to switching over to NIMC infrastructure. The objective of this directive in my opinion follows three folds. First, to optimize the use of cash resources at this level, as it is dedicated to identity management.

Secondly, ensure that as a result of that, optimizing use of cash there is no duplication of efforts that we can quickly establish a National Identity data base which is a single version of truth on personal information of Nigerians. Now the value proposition which we cannot talk about because whether in terms of security or not, we use financial services or deepening access at reducing dependence on cash which means that cashless economy in terms of providing subsidies to those who actually need it.

To be honest, do people actually need it as making safety a priority? Simply put in actual respect, this process allows for a single version of truth of every single information of individuals. How will the issuance of this card help in curbing fraud in the financial sector? There are at least three biometric features in the card. First is the hybrid nature of the card. Second, is the incorporation of Phiser with metal recognition, while the third is the use of finger prints.

It is extremely difficult for anyone to use these cards in isolation. The smart card has a public infrastructure built into it with inscription methodology combined as well. This ensures that you cannot put your card beside any of your smart Phones, the data will be taken out. You cannot abuse the card issued as they cannot be hacked into either, because we have taken time to build a public infrastructure around it, and ensure that it meets global best practice.

It has 18 security features aside the 19th one which is a complex feature on the chip. The chip is an 80kbyte chip different from all the ATM cards you see. Your normal ATM card, if you misplace one today, they ask for the number and then make sure is no longer possible for you to use it, then they give you another one.

Those are not the type we are talking about, I am talking of a card that if you want to manufacture one, you have to come and take permission from the commission before you can produce it anywhere in the world. The features of this card are recognized globally in the world base on global practice, by institutions whose jobs, it is to recognize them. There is need for us to understand that when we were in school, we read about democracy, and we all know that the main fulcrum of democracy is freedom of movement, association, leadership among others.

We are aware that our borders are porous, while fraudsters, in the course of committing crimes give out wrong data since its mandatory for anybody resident in the country to register. We have a responsibility as a commission to guarantee the identity of data, and not to add problems to the commission.

In ensuring this, what we have done is to ensure that we follow what the law says and steak to it, which is exactly what we are doing. As a body, we know that some of those gaps that help non Nigerians adapt to undermine our society and perpetuate evil. So long the identity can be ascertained, what we have, as a system is to still cross check again when the need arises.

It will be easy to detect anybody claiming what he says he is, and what he is not when the task is fully met. At the commission, what we have done can be categorized into three. First, we have a sense of verification that you can come up with, like birth certificates, international card, registration cards, drivers license, national ID cards, among others to evident that you are a Nigerian.

Once you know that there are traditions of the land, and where these people are from, it tends to settle the first phase of identification of true citizens and non citizens. The Nigeria immigration, customs, have deployed officers in each of our offices, to help us acquire training to disclose non- Nigerians.

They also help us in screening people who have come forward with legitimate business and legal residence. How many people have you enrolled? We only started around October, for now we have about 3 million, and the number is increasing by the day. It is increasing by the day as more people are getting aware of the identification process.

This is a national scheme, so the entire country is expected to be covered. For rural penetration, I want to state here that the same process is taking place in the creeks as well, because we need their data as citizens. We have apps whose devices are capable of capturing and sending information to the central unit for swift decision making.

What does the future hold for the organization? When it is time, our long term plans will be made available to the public, but for now, we are working tooth and nail to having a credible data bank for the nation just like other developed nations of the world. Buhari escapes Kaduna blast, three aides injured. File Photo: Cross section of students writing exam File Photo: Cross section of students writing exam This was disclosed last Thursday at a two-day interactive workshop on Tetfund organised for Vice- Chancellors, Rectors and Provosts of tertiary institutions in the six states of the South-West held at the University of Lagos.

Babayo who lamented the lack of fund in our institutions said that if only stakeholders could follow due process and access this fund, many of the strikes engaged in by unions would not have taken place. If they know, they will think twice. Babayo who noted that no collateral is needed from any public tertiary institution to access this fund queried why many institutions have left their fund fallow in the last four years. What is the problem? On his part, Professor Jerry Gana tasked the participants to seize the opportunity of the workshop to improve on the guideline on how to access the money, saying that there are billions of naira yet to be accessed.

For example, the requirements for institution-based research funds include a written proposal that must be approved by TETFund. After this, a maximum of N2,, However, the approved fund shall be disbursed in tranches — 85 per cent before commencement and 15 per cent after submission of final report. The requirements for library development funds include covering letter, executive summary of the proposal, list of proposed books stating the author, publishers, year of publication, quantity, unit and amount.

Others are list of equipment stating manufacturer, specifications, unit cost and total cost. It also involves genuine proforma invoice from reputable sources including sample photographs of such equipment. Akinyeye, Dean, Faculty of Art to mention a few. Keep cash at home we are coming, robbers tell Ogun community.

The robbers, who reportedly pasted the notice of their impending visit to the estate, advised the residents, in their interest to make cash available during their visit without which they threatened to descend heavily on them.

Vanguard gathered that the suspected robbers pasted the letters on buildings, electric poles and other strategic places in the estate last Saturday, before dawn. According to some of the residents, who pleaded anonymity for obvious reasons, the notice has the logo of a skull and femur bones. Another resident, who forwarded the message he reportedly sent to the Commissioner of Police in the state to Vanguard, pleaded that the residents need police protection.

That we should make cash available in our homes. That we had enjoyed peace for too long, adding that no security can stop them. You can imagine the panic in the area with many planning to pack out. Please help us. I got the information from someone, I did not see the letter. The CP has acted on it. The people should get across to us in case of eventuality. The incident, which occurred around Vanguard learnt that the timely intervention of men of Fire Service Department of the airport saved the day as they battled the inferno for over an hour to restore normalcy.

A competent source at the airport confided in Vanguard that gallant fire service men mobilised and pushed off the aircraft, a Boeing , from the trouble spot before concentrating on extinguishing the inferno. The account revealed that the visibly shocked passengers hurriedly disembarked into a waiting bus that conveyed them to an unnamed five-star hotel in the city. Although, the aircraft was not damaged by the inferno, but the airliner was said to have cancelled the scheduled flight to enable their demoralised passengers recover from shock.

However, it could not be ascertained at press time when the aircraft would continue its flight against the backdrop that it was certified air worthy by officials of National Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA. Attempt to speak to the airline operator over the development failed as the Corporate Affairs Manager, AbdulHameed directed that enquiries should be directed to airport officials who were also keeping sealed lips. I mistakenly impregnated my elder sister—Man, 25, tells court.

Isa spoke shortly after appearing before the court, following a report made by the Ward Head of the Takalmawa Quarters, to the police that the accused person was having sexual intercourse with his elder sister, contrary to the law. All that had been read against me, is true, it was a mistake, I mistakenly inpregnated her, my elder sister. Naima Isa, 27, is believed to have a weak mind is heavy. The Senior Magistrate, Ummi Sani Kurawa, while delivering her ruling, ordered that, Isa be remanded in prison custody, and adjourned the matter to August 4, for mention.

The news broke, just like a thunderbolt. Rosemary Chukwu, a mother of four, residing at 33, Omolegede street, a suburb of Ikorodu area in Lagos State, abducted a seven-year-old primary School pupil, Emmanuel Emeka, and was about taking him to a den when it was foiled. Shockingly, the suspect revealed to the bewildered crowd that gathered after she was caught that her pastor asked her to bring the boy. The pastor, identified as Ernest Chukwuemeka Nwankwo, 49, was said to be on the run and was later apprehended and handed over to the police at the State Criminal Investigations Department, Panti, Yaba, Lagos for interrogation.

Crime Guard was able to corner the embattled pastor as he was leaving the confines of police cell at Panti and he gave his own account of the ugly incident. A, Anambra State. I was out of Lagos for two weeks. I came back on Tuesday, June 14, and came to my Ministry on Wednesday morning. My ministry is located at , Lagos road, Majudeen in Ikorodu. We carry out prayers and deliverance in the ministry.

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This time around, let us talk about a free money spell to win lottery prediction. These spells would guide you in predicting lottery which would result in your success every single time. Before we proceed it is important you know that these spells are very sensitive spells and they would actually take you into another realm.

Most times you would get the predictions in a vision, while other times you will get it in a dream. I would also be discussing two variations of this spell. So sit back, fasten your seatbelts, as we go on yet another exciting adventure of regularly winning your lottery ticket. This time around you do not just have to hope the ticket you get is the right one, but you are going to see the winning ticket in a dream or vision and then go for that one and be the lucky winner always.

In this variation of how to get lottery prediction, you are going to have to cast the spell at midnight. The reason is that the amount of energy at night is extreme. You also need to follow up with the procedure very carefully. Although there are no negative side effects if you do not follow the procedure strictly, only that the spell would not work.

To perform the spell, you would need a green candle, a mirror and incense. The spell is very easy to do actually, but it requires a lot of concentration of the mind. Actually, the main ingredient in this spell is the mind. To cast this spell, light up the green candle, and sit in front of a mirror.

Do not forget that you have to cast this spell at midnight. Then when you are fully sited and relaxed and you know within yourself your mind is ready for the spell, then light up the incense. Place the incense between the mirror and yourself, so that there is smoke separating you and the mirror.

Believe it with your entire mind and with all your energy that you would get a response. This spell is actually a general spell that can be used to see into the future actually, but you can also use it to win the lottery every time. Next on free money spells to win lottery prediction is a spell that would cause you to fall into a deep sleep.

While you are in this deep sleep, you would have a vision of the prediction. The spell is also very easy to cast, and it also needs to be cast at midnight. You would need a green candle, a bowl of water, honey and incense.

As you are also saying this chant, cycle the bowl of water around the burning candle and also ensure you are staring into the bowl, do not take your eyes off the bowl until you have said the chant the third time. The third time places the bowl down, add honey to the water and take a sip. After this, light the incense and ensure you have just about enough incense that can burn throughout the night. Then go to bed and allow the spell to do its work.

It is a very easy spell to do and very effective. Lastly, this free money spell to win lottery quickly does not require any special ingredient to cast, it is one of those free money spells to win a lottery quickly without ingredients. All you need to cast this spell is a focused mind. Before or after you have gotten the lottery ticket, focus your mind, and try as hard as you can to picture yourself already as a winner celebrating.

It is a really short chant but also really effective. You can say this chant as many times as you like. Even if you say it just once, it would still have its impact. So use this chant to win ticket every time and quickly. Ultimate magazine theme for WordPress. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers. You will be pleased with the results and will see your luck improve greatly. Here is a lottery spell that will permanently change your luck for the better, helping you win money immediately, including jackpots.

The main ingredients that you need for this spell is money and bread. Perform this lottery spell every night for one week straight to make it the most effective. Before you cast it, take a shower or bath so you are clean and it will help wash any negative energy off of you. Add some incense smell to what you will wear. Take the honey that you have and spread it out on some bread, then make 10 balls with that honey bread.

Now take these bread balls outside and feed them to the animals out there. You must believe that this lottery spell will work for it to be effective. This is one of the best spells that you can do to permanently change your luck and win big money fast. If you want to hit the jackpot by winning the lottery, this is one of the best lottery spells that you can perform. This will enable you to dream of what the winning numbers will be so you can win money fast.

Before casting this lottery spell, decide what game you want to play and don't change it. You must have a clear intent for this spell to work and to dream the correct winning numbers. Perform this spell every night for 9 nights in a row. Start casting this spell on a Thursday night for it to work correctly.

When you are ready to go to bed, lie down and breathe deeply to relax. Try and clear your mind as you do when you meditate. When your mind is clear and you feel focused, think about that winning lottery ticket that you are going to buy. Visualize it with everything printed, including the numbers. If you do this right before you go to sleep every night you will start to dream about numbers that will be on your lottery ticket.

Be patient and wait until after the 9th night to play your numbers to hit the jackpot and win immediately. Make sure that you believe this lottery spell will work or else you may make it ineffective by not believing. This is one of the lottery spells you can perform for scratch-off tickets where you can win free money immediately.

This spell will help you choose the correct ticket to buy. You will need 5 kernels of dry corn, 3 acorns, and a little bit of malachite. Take the corn kernels, malachite, and acorns into your hands and rub them together with everything between them. As you are doing this, say "Nuts and seeds, where wealth leads, mix and match, choose a scratch".

Rub your hands together for as long as you can and don't stop until everything falls out of your hands. The next day, take the malachite in your hand while you are choosing which ticket you want to buy. This spell should work to help guide you to choosing a winning ticket.

This is one of the easiest lottery spells that you can perform to win free money. Perform this spell at night, right before you go to sleep for it to work. Take a bowl filled with rosewater and put a lot of coins into it. Repeat this for times exactly, and when you have done that, put your hand on your forehead to get the rosewater on your head. Now you should dream about what you need to know to win the lottery jacket. This is one of the ancient Egyptian spells that will work and you will win the lottery that you decide to play.

It will work by giving you the winning numbers to choose. First, buy your lottery ticket and write your numbers on it. Put the ticket under your pillow and go to sleep while visualizing that you will receive the winning numbers to hit the jackpot. For this spell to work, play regularly and completely understand the lottery. You should receive the winning numbers 24 hours before the numbers are drawn. This is one of the best spells for increasing your luck immediately to win the big lotteries.

This lottery spell works on both, paper ticket lotteries and for online lotteries. Repeat this for exactly 77 times for the next 7 nights in a row. The 8th day, the day after the last evening that you do this spell, is when you should play the major lottery of your choosing and you will win immediately.

One of the most simple lottery spells that will help you win money immediately in the lottery in even in another way is to say the following incantation exactly three times: "By the power of the moon and with positivity, bring me now wealth and prosperity, bring forth to me, harming none, so mote it be".

This simple lottery spell will bring you the wealth and money that you want fast and easy. Here is one of the best spells to win the jackpot, whether it is online or with a physical ticket that gives you numbers.

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