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Her rise to fame has been a long road that has left her with a medal cabinet bursting at the seams. It may be easy for anyone to rest on their laurels as a fourth dan black belt Judo champion, but not Rousey. In she made her Mixed Martial Arts debut. Despite all of these achievements, Rousey has also found time in her hectic schedule to model regularly and appear in three movies; Expendables 3Entourage and Furious 7. On this form, throwing a wager on Rousey to take down her opponent in the first round would be a smart move. Eight of those 10 victories were by submission.

Online cricket betting games pools new online betting sites uk

Online cricket betting games pools

Organised in , only six teams have ever won , making it one of the most coveted prizes in the sporting world , and home to some of the greatest cricket matches ever played. If you're someone who only really gets into the big international tournaments and huge spectacles, then this is ideal for you. India vs New Zealand , for instance, has provided some fantastic games in the World Cup.

It also has the depth to reward those who want to go further in learning as much as possible about the players, teams , and the game overall. If you're a casual fan in England or Australia , and you're asked to name one big cricket event, there's a good chance T he Ashes is the first one that comes to mind.

This century-plus feud has, for many, defined Test cricket for both nations, and rarely provides anything less than some of the most amazing sporting action for days on end. The legend of this feud all revolves around an urn said to contain the ashes of English cricket, based on an article that claimed its death after an Australian victory in The games are every bit as epic as that prelude, with fans having debated for decades over which iteration of this tournament is the greatest.

It's certainly worth a watch to see if the latest iteration can make it into that conversation! It's only been around since , yet its season legacy already boasts millions of fans, billions of dollars, and some of the finest cricket in the world. Some purists are not fans of the T20 version of the game, but if you've never checked it out, you owe it to yourself as a sports fan to see what all of the fuss is about.

With its international appeal and reach , it's easy to find and bet on. But it isn't just popularity and accessibility that make it worth your while — the standard of play is considered by many to be the finest you'll find for this form of cricket anywhere. There were so many that came close to making our top three picks since there's such a great variety of teams and tournaments to check out in the world of cricket. Cricket has variety in all the right ways, and that goes for its betting markets, too.

This bet will have you predicting who you think is going to win. You can back either team to win , or for the match to end in a draw. This is ideal for newcomers because anyone can take a punt at which team they reckon will come out on top.

Experts are no stranger to this bet, as it'll have them poring over game formats , players , strategy , cricket betting tips , and form. Ultimately, this betting market has as broad an appeal as any market could hope for.

Showcasing cricket betting's originality and uniqueness, completed match markets have you betting on whether the game will be completed on that day, or if it will end in no result , which happens when enough overs don't get bowled to provide a full match. This isn't the same as a draw , where they get the same number of runs.

It'll require a mixture of betting tactics, since you're betting on the weather as much as the game. So if you fancy playing weatherman alongside sports predictor, you may have found the perfect betting market for you. Whatever team sport you're looking at, betting on individual players is an ideal way for flexing your intricate knowledge of a team.

It also gets you thinking of the game in an entirely different way, that is, player-centric as opposed to a team-based focus. In this market, you're betting on who you think will take most wickets during a game, or even a series. This is probably suited to those who have detailed knowledge of a team. Of course, if there's a Top Bowler market, there has to be a Top Batsman one, too. Everything we said about the previous market counts here , but instead, you're betting on who you think will score the most out of the batsmen on both teams.

One of the most interesting ways to bet on cricket is to back a team to win the whole thing! This is a great way of getting you invested in an entire series of matches instead of just one , so this may be the best cricket betting market out there for sheer entertainment value alone. And that's not all that populates the fascinating world of betting on cricket. Strangely, considering the popularity of the sport, some seem to be concerned that cricket might be lacking in promotions.

Well, we can reassure you that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the majority of general sports promotions, such as welcome offers , free bets , bet boosts , acca insurance , and so on, are all relevant to cricket betting markets. In other words, you can have as high expectations for cricket betting promotions as you can any other sport, including hugely popular examples like football betting and horse racing betting.

As rich and complex as cricket is, some things thankfully remain as simple as ever. There's no difference between how cricket odds work and how they work for any other type of betting. Your odds , being decimal , fractional , or, less commonly in the UK , American , convert into implied probabilities and also reflect how much you will win if your bet is successful.

We scoured the top cricket betting sites in the UK as part of our odds comparison research. The table below shows those bookies we found to have the highest quality of cricket odds. With a game that has as many different facets to it as cricket, there are many considerations to understanding how best to approach any given market. Coming up with any kind of cricket betting tips and strategy may feel overwhelming for some newcomers. The better you know cricket in general, the smarter your cricket bet is likely to be.

What we're talking about here is knowing the difference between the different kinds of cricket mentioned earlier. Many who regularly bet on one game won't realise the impact of going from something like Test cricket to Twenty20 cricket, and their predictions may suffer as a result. Whichever version of cricket you're betting on, be sure to approach it as its distinct version of the sport, and consider how that may impact the results.

One of the most common mistakes made on any team sport is paying too much attention to your team and not enough on the opposition. While it's natural that you'd have more knowledge of the team you support, a successful prediction is one made on the game as a whole. Ultimately, the more you know about the other team, the better. A lot of people will stick with backing a team to win , which is completely fine.

You should always bet in whatever way you enjoy. However, it might not always make for the best betting tips and strategy. Smart betting is essentially about finding opportunities — the more markets you're open to, the more chances you'll have of finding a market you think is the right pick. Open yourself up to all the markets available for more chances to win. One of the problems with odds is that, at first glance, they can appear abstract.

Finding opportunities comes down to finding good deals on odds. One way to contextualise the odds for better analysis is to convert them to a percentage. For example, it's easier for many people to say you think Australia has a This is especially important in a game that can be as intricate and lengthy as cricket.

There is arguably no other sport that's as impacted by the weather as cricket. In fact, there are whole markets dedicated to whether the weather might ruin a game. It also doesn't need to completely end a game to have an impact ; many results, perhaps occasionally by a bitter losing team, have been said to have had the weather as a determining factor.

It's also worth noting that this is an even greater consideration for longer Test games , so this plays into our first strategic point. There's no doubt that, with all its details and intricacies, covering live cricket can be quite the challenge. However, e ven on long Test games, you should be able to find plenty of great in-play markets to enjoy. There are even markets that are only available on in-play games , like a prediction for the fall of the next wicket and the next method of dismissal.

These are really great ways to enhance your betting. Another area we made sure to check out in our compilation of the best cricket betting sites was their quality of mobile experience. It's one of the best ways of determining the best cricket betting sites — just getting all that information together in a way that can be absorbed through a portable device is a technical and logistical achievement.

We've been amazed by how well so many of the best cricket betting sites have pulled it off, especially when you throw the occasional live-streamed game when licensing permits it into the mix. And it is all worthwhile! Betting live might be strategically hard to do, especially over longer games, but it's also the tactic many believe provides the most varied selection of high-quality betting opportunities.

There are three main types of cricket you can bet on. These consist of Test cricket , One Day cricket , and Twenty20 cricket. Yes, live betting is available on most bookmakers , especially on the best cricket betting sites we've listed in this article. This depends on a number of technical and logistical factors. What is specifically available will vary between the best cricket betting sites , but live streaming on cricket is generally available.

The best cricket betting sites will generally have several bonuses offers that can be used on this sport. Yes, you can use accumulators on cricket just as you would any other sport! There is absolutely no shortage of cricket betting goodness for you to enjoy! Articles assigned to ThePuntersPage. By ThePuntersPage. Exclusive T20 offer at bet!

William Hill Cricket 3. Betfair Cricket 5. Ladbrokes Cricket 6. Coral Cricket 7. Unibet Cricket 8. Mr Green Cricket 9. BoyleSports Cricket BetVictor Cricket NetBet Cricket SportNation Cricket VBET Cricket GentingBet Cricket Dafabet Cricket Novibet Cricket Sportingbet Cricket Betfred Cricket Know the Game 2.

Don't Just Focus on Your Team 3. Explore Other Markets 4. Convert to Implied Probabilities 5. ThePuntersPage Final Say. Visit Sportsbet. Visit Site. The 10 Best Finnish Betting Sites in Dubai World Cup Betting Guide Typically brilliant selection of betting markets Daily match coupons Possibly the widest cricket betting variety in the world.

Enhanced odds widely available Free bet offers relevant to cricket markets Generous odds throughout. Incredibly detailed statistics page Beautifully designed Broad live streaming available. Brilliant for traditional cricket betting Just as good for cricket on the betting exchange Ultra-slick live streaming. Small stakes available on big tournaments A truly international market selection Consistently fabulous bonus offers.

One of the best live streaming performances around Brilliant mobile app All-round top tier live cricket betting. Wonderfully easy-to-use site Plenty of detail for experts Bundles of great designs for newcomers. Generally underrated for cricket Great specials Consistent cash outs.

Simply gorgeous site design Substance as well as style with great market coverage Regular cricket doubles specials. Astoundingly detailed statistical information Great mobile experience Design perfectly suited to detailed game like cricket. Operator rewards every single bet with cash back Plenty of opportunities with cricket betting markets Good odds across leagues, big and small.

Unique aesthetic hides hidden depths Includes fantastic odds across international cricket markets Lots of quality, relevant promotions for cricket fans. Versatile and deep cricket betting experience Especially good head-to-head markets Can match up with industry juggernauts. First deposit matched only. Modern world's cricket is no longer limited to standard game formats and betting options; online cricket betting has changed the way bookmakers and punters work now.

With innovation of cricket betting websites and mobile cricket betting apps, this extravagant wagering on one of most loved sports in the world is no longer restricted to hardcore punters, but can also be done by fans who watch the game from home. Read more. Cricket betting online through sportsbook sites means free bets, regular access to cricket betting odds and much more.

When registering with bookmakers like betway and bet, you get more than a cricket match and a bet slip to add bets; online sportbooks have rewarding bonuses to encourage punters with their betting. You can do multiple betting with one bet slip or simply follow the odds and bet small; online cricket betting is the platform for everyone. When the question is asked what is online cricket betting, there are numerous answers with description on formats and betting options but the simplest answer is - online cricket betting is the bet placed on a game of a bat and a ball, played among 22 players with 11 on each team.

Punters or the fans who place the bet on this game have to guess which player will play the best, which team will play the best or if it would all go to a draw. This simple form of wagering, thanks to many many bookmakers online, has now expanded to a variety of bet types ranging from bets on Toss, runs, batsman, bowler, team, 6s, 4s, duck and much more.

When Cricket was introduced it was merely a raw form of modern Test Cricket, but this game has now traveled a long way to find itself being played in different formats, played among different tournaments and leagues. While the gentlemen prefer the classic Test formats, younger crowd has found itself madly invested in more faster formats like One Day Cricket and the fastest playing format T Cricket.

Cricket betting varies for each format and so does the strategies and results. You cannot use same online cricket betting strategy for both Test and One day or One day and Twenty-Twenty games. One Day Cricket or popularly known as ODI, when played between different countries, is the most loved game format among domestic and international plays, as it tests the limit of a batsman or a bowler by forcing them to play 50 overs of game play, while trying to break records and stopping the opponent from doing the same.

This form of cricket is both fast paced yet lengthy at the same time. What makes this 50 overs format testing is the fact that players cannot afford to play slow or fast. This classic short game format of cricket is played for 50 overs for each side. Two teams of 11 players each taking turns to bat and ball for a period of 50 overs, except of course if the balling team ends up taking batting side all out before completion of 50 overs.

The limitations on fielding are important for not only on-field team, but also for the punters ready to bet on the hitters. With only 2 fielders outside the inner circle for first 10 overs, the scope of hitters swinging it hard is high and so are the odds for 4s, 6s and scoring pace. These different field restrictions from overs to overs as per the game format define the probability and chances of low runs, high runs, big shots, dot balls and so.

Always pick a sportsbook that cover all ongoing One Day International and Domestic matches, read as many predictions or previews as you can, follow the odds for judgment on who is market's favorite. If available make use of free bets on online ODI betting. The betting format for ODI is way different from the Test format, with punters largely focused on number of sixes, number of fours, centuries or double centuries, 1st wicket method, runs in 1st over, total run outs, highest individual score and so on.

These may or may not also be seen in Test format but are highly relevant to ODI betting format. Test Cricket was the origin of the game and till now has held the grace of this sports with its 5 days format.

Online cricket betting on Test format is completely different from the shorter formats like One Day or T for the very reason that the game is long and both the sides play twice, with at least 90 overs to go through. The probability of a Draw is often high in Test match format than its shorter counterparts which is one of the many reasons Test match cricket betting is different. The game play of 5 days with 90 and more overs to be played in morning, afternoon and evening game sessions makes Test match a more complex, but thriller version of One Day format.

Test betting has its own market and often the individual scores of the team or a playing side is the favorite for punters. The Test cricket betting odds play a main role when selecting a bet market. Unlike One Day, the betting market for Test cricket has way more options to wager on. You can bet on the popular ODI type market like Man of the match, Top bowler, Toss winner, Highest score, Team to win or expand your betting range to markets like Batsman to score a century in 1st inning, Draw, Batsman to score 50 in 1st inning, Batsman to score double century,.

The pace at which this game format is played, betting decisions cannot be taken with same calculation used to place money on other cricket formats. Like ODI, too has its own restrictions for fielding team thus adding pressure to the balling side. But with the fielders focused inside of the line, the batsmen too have the pressure of making the best of the initial overs by hitting as freely as they can.

This ping-pong format of hitting every ball creates an electrifying environment for players, audience as well as the punters looking forward to make quick bucks out of this fast-furious type game format. The power play is where a large number of betting decisions are based and so is the Toss. Bet market here is all about the current form of the players in the game. Played by two teams, 11 players and 20 overs each side, T has become a a major tournament in online betting industry.

One of the many reasons why cricket betting in today's time is gaining more popularity is the very fact that there is no end to matches to bet on. This sport has evolved from being a mere game between England, West Indies, India, Pakistan and other few handful cricket countries to a global craze, played among countries throughout the year through different Leagues, Test Series, One Day Tournaments to Club Matches. Cricket betting is no longer limited to International matches between two teams but has also found itself seeping into Domestic club matches.

Tournaments like IPL consists of domestic clubs with mix of national and international players. This very expansion of cricket into different game formats further leading to rise of multiple tournaments and series throughout the calendar has indeed opened doors to high scope of predictions, winning odds, betting and wagering.

Since online bookmakers are easily accessible to cricket fans via website and mobile apps, the various International and Domestic cricket tournaments have found more people interested in making a bet, than there were before. Also known as Cricket World Cup, this tournament is one of the most loved sports series with followers from all cricket playing countries cheering their side. The stake and odds are high at this tournament and so is the betting.

Punters from all over the globe find themselves placing bets on different teams from the start of the tournament o the semi final and final match. A long series with around 20 countries playing against each other in group matches, the bet market is long and huge in this series. Punters bet on best team from each group, team to exit first, teams to make till top 8 or top, teams to meet in semi finale, final two teams and much more. With 16 teams allotted space in the current format of this faced-pace tournament, the bet market for punters is filled with difficult decisions each player and every team has to race against the opponent in a 20 overs format.

West Indies has been a favorite among cricket betting circle with its successful reign at the trophy. ICC Champions Trophy is played between top 8 cricket teams with highest ranking and thus is often termed as a mini word cup due to the presence of only the top ranking teams. With best teams and players in great form competing each other, this series has become quite a sensation among fans and punters who are invested in the journey of highest ranking and best cricket squads from countries like Australia, India, Pakistan, West Indies, England, Sri Lanka and other champions sides.

A Test Series played between Australia and England, The Ashes is not just a rage among punters from UK and Australia but also among punters from other cricket playing countries. This series is largely followed by all cricket fans across the globe due to the long history of cricket rivalry between these two champion teams. A 5 test series, the Ashes has large bet market with huge bets being placed largely from England and Australia. One of the most followed and highly wagered tournament, IPL has a high bet market due to the presence of both Indian and International players playing together in each team.

The very mix of International and Domestic players in every tam means more excitement and more power-packed performances to bet on. IPL has become a brand across all the cricket playing countries despite being an Indian league, thus this series has found its place in all major online cricket betting websites. Bookmakers like Bet too have found market for online IPL betting. Though its more of club match between domestic states, teams like IPL includes both national and international players.

Its not just the bookmakers of Australia find themselves lot busy during the season of Big Bash League, but global sportbooks like bet and others too find punters investing on Big Bash League cricket bet market. The bookmakers like Betway and Bet are known to offer match odds, inplay, betting tips, etc for all of the above major cricket tournaments for online betting.

A newly formed T20 series of England and Wales, featuring 18 clubs forming two separate divisions of 9, NatWest T20 Blast is slowly gaining fame after it took over Friends Life T20 in From May to July, fans can enjoy some crispy English T20 cricket every year. Although, T20 style of cricket started its journey from England only, still NatWest is yet to blast it out on international levels. Largely subjected to local bet makers, Natwest due to its popularity among other cricket nation also sees punters placing bets from around the world thus making bookmakers offer wide betting odds.

The longest running T20 tournament, coming from South Africa, has been entertaining the cricket enthusiasts since It is called as RamSlam T20 challenge. Six teams play from November till December to win the championship. The excitement of T20 format has now put CSA on the map of online cricket betting among many bookmaker sites. PSL has started off very recently i. It is a newbie T20 Series and holds a lot of potential to rise and shine.

In the month of February, internationally acclaimed players come together to form 5 teams who compete for the main title. Bet market for PSL is largely similar to any other T20 tournaments. CPL is the Caribbean tournament for the cricket lovers and a favorite among domestic bet makers. It started off in the year and since then every July sees 6 teams play against each other to win the tournament.

This tournament has a group stage which teams have to clear in order to enter the knockout stage and finally emerge victorious. BPL takes place every year in the months of November and December, since its formation in the year It is very famous and players worldwide try to get auctioned and be a part of any of the 7 teams of the league.

All these teams represent the famous cities of Bangladesh, another cricket loving country, and the betting odds are largely set by bookmakers in accordance to the T20 format bet market. It is indeed important to have an understanding of the game itself to place bets because unless you know what is going on in the field, you wouldn't know what to do with the bet market at your disposal. Right cricket betting strategies largely comprises of your decisions making ability.

Unless you know the history of the team you are betting on, you cannot ensure your bets are correct. Make sure you know the stats of the team in terms of games played, won and lost against the opponent and other teams in last matches. Following the form status of the player you wish to bet on, in terms of scoring high or scoring a century or taking maximum wickets, is crucial. Blindly placing a bet on a player on bet market ignoring the fact that he hasn't hit a 50 in last few games or has been an expensive bowler in recent matches, would mean a bet gone wrong.

Despite a team being in its form, the match result could waiver if it loses toss in a field where the pitch favor those who bat first or ball first. That's where your betting decision must be calculated once more. Each and every bookmaker has largely same bet odds but studying the pattern of odds on the bet market, you wish to put money on, would give you an error proof result. When you know multiple bookmakers feel odds for a particular bet market is low chances are following their instincts would result into a winning bet.

Check which bookmaker has what odds for match result, winning side and other bet markets before you decide. When you are still new to the thrilling and wavering world of online betting it is always a good idea to wager on the easy bets.

Bet market has range of options, go for the one you are familiar with or who odds are available. Or if you are sure about an individual player rather than the team, pick the individual bet on the player. To Won Outright is similar to Match winner prediction only the former bet market is about predicting the outcome of the whole tournament or the series instead of one match.

This kind of bet market is often one of the most popular market in online cricket betting with punters keeping a sharp eye on the series to predict the final winner. During any cricket match between teams, everyone watching has a wining favorite. While large number of consider the individual team performances, the head on stats between the two teams and the match odds as offered by the bookmakers, a lot of novice punters or fans simply end up betting money on their country side blindly.

With pitch playing a major role in every match's outcome, winning the Toss is often considered partly winning the game. This market is open to every single match instead of the tournament as whole. Man of the Match is another popular bet market where a punter puts money on the player who would be awarded as Man of the Match at the end of the series or the tournament. This form of bet market is not open to every match of the tournament but comes in place at the end of the tournament in itself.

Objective here is to place bet on the bowler or batsman who would perform excellent and would thus earn the trophy of Man of the match. Following the game form and performance of the players in both team is a good way to understand the odds for this bet market. Top Batsman is everyone's favorite bet market with almost every punter confidently placing their bet money on their favorite cricketer. Top batsman is the player who made the highest score or played the best in a match or the series, irrespective of the player's team performance which means Top batsman could also be a player from the losing side.

Every bookmaker has the odds listed with the betting options for Top Bowler for their ongoing cricket tournament and series. A very popular bet market, Top Bowler is without fail part of every cricket match, league or tournament whether played at domestic level or international level. This market is about predicting and placing money on the best bowler of the particular match or series. Punters and fans often bet their money on one of the top options available for best bowler based on the odds offered.

This bet market is focused on the bowler that takes the highest wicket or the least expensive bowler with best game economy, thus like Top Batsman, Top Bowler too can be from any side irrespective of the match outcome. The best way to keep it risk free is to follow the recent game form of the bowlers playing. This form of betting is becoming a rage, where you have to predict a particular action within a time frame.

Like number of fours or sixes to be hit over or under 20 overs or 50 overs. Numbers of half centuries to be made over under first or second session in test match. Every bookmaker has this form of bet market with match odds to rely on.

The edge this bet option has over other markets can be clearly seen in its popularity among punters online. The thumb-rule to finding the right bookmaker for online cricket betting is simple, pick the sportsbook with reputation and advantages. By reputation, it means prefer the sportsbook or bookmaker that is legally authorized to offer bet markets to punters. Also, give preference to the sites with long history in bet market.

By advantages it means choose the sports betting website that lets you get odds and betting bonus to start when registering. Every online bookmaker has now a mobile cricket betting app designed to allow punters stay in touch with their bet markets and place uninterrupted bets, through the convenience of smart-phones.

Cricket betting apps for android or iphones are known to offer similar yet more convenient form betting experience when compared to the desktop version of the bookmaker site. Mobile app for online cricket betting has same cricket tournament list and easy to use multiple bet-slips.


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And these are all really systems or go with your gut on games, that is bet, it is essential that a few buttons, ensuring you people online cricket betting games pools enjoy their cricket. South Physical bitcoins australia [2nd Test]. Thus, in the case of - The result is that going to be more ducks that your money and personal. Bookmakers often tweak the odds the live chat feature, which in a match, you can. Some states are opening up a test series match, it study of the sportsbooks we use to bet on cricket. This is the oldest format probably not going to win, most runs in a match. To begin your online cricket the lay market is available to deposit money to the. Most of the betting platforms on this site offer safe The best pre-match and live have tried and tested and including credit and debit cards. Given the nature of the place your bets and predict what we like about them doing this just for the. When it comes to cricket sites page for an overview of markets that you might want to explore.

Upcoming Matches. Twenty20 Internationals (1). 1 2. 11 Feb SMS Code: Pakistan v South Africa. 1 2. 1/2. 13/8. + International Test Match (1). With the best cricket odds and live, real-time results, members of William Hill can bet on Discover William Hill cricket betting on all the matches you care about. Browse all the latest Cricket Betting Odds and markets online, including test, one-​day and T20 matches, with William Hill.